Boulder: the city on a hill; the city of tradition and change—old and new ideas blending together, becoming one dynamic piece of art, like the intricacy of a fresh watercolor painting beneath a microscope.  Boulder: the microcosm of light, intellectualism, artistry, and love.  Boulder and its opaque dedication to a harmonious lifestyle with nature, as it sits nestled at the precipice of one of the Front Range’s most idyllic backdrops.

I could go on and on about the seemingly endless list of nuances and unique attributes of our ever-evolving city, however, I would like to dedicate my first article with to the team that represents our city to its truest, most eclectic and exciting characteristics.

I was recently given the wonderful opportunity to join the team that strives day and night to help Boulder continue to grow, while simultaneously maintaining its ‘weird’ identity.   As a photographer and a writer, my goals as a contributor to this team are lofty but targeted; diverse and well-within reach.  I will be working side by side with my team to continue developing and enhancing blog topics, including “Faces of Boulder” and “Boulder News”.  I have set out to capture the photographs and the stories of the people of Boulder—from the glamourous to the weathered, flight is both the wing and the feather—together, with my colleagues and advisors, my aim is to model the “Faces of Boulder” after the immensely popular “Humans of New York”.

Luke with camera-18

(Luke Hathaway photographing the beautiful Flatirons on Super Bowl Sunday)

I would like to express the rush of excitement I feel to work with such a talented team, and my dedication in doing my part to contribute to About Boulder in symmetry with the company’s mission:  giving back.  The Giving Back initiative we embrace and adhere to keeps us focused on the greater good of the working, busy people of Boulder and our students at CU.  I look forward, with great enthusiasm, to carrying out my role in helping, and giving back; reporting and documenting; paying it forward; and showing the world what it is in all of us that makes Boulder such a special community.  The people of Boulder and its world-renowned scenery—together—form an ecosystem unlike anywhere else; and with our team operating in tactful cohesion, atop the foundation and fundamental philanthropic vision of Scott Armstrong, President and Founder of About Boulder, I smile humbly, in closing, as I embark on this journey of telling the story of Boulder and its people alongside an ensemble of gifted writers dedicated to the same cause.

Thank you to everyone in this organization; thank you, Boulder.