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Boulder’s Best Dog Swimming Spots: Where to Splash with Your Pup

Boulder, Colorado is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, and that includes our four-legged friends. With its stunning natural beauty and abundance of dog-friendly amenities, Boulder offers a plethora of opportunities for dogs and their owners to enjoy the great outdoors together. One of the most refreshing and enjoyable activities for dogs in Boulder is swimming. […]

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Faces of Boulder: Celebrating Our Four-Legged Friends

Boulder’s Canine Companions: Embracing the City with Man’s Best Friend In Boulder, where nearly every third resident can be seen with a furry companion, the bond between people and their dogs is evident everywhere. The photo captures a quintessential Boulder moment: a local resident enjoying a sunny day in one of the city’s numerous dog-friendly […]

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How Boulder’s Dog-Friendly Culture Makes it the Perfect Home for Golden Retrievers

Boulder, Colorado, is renowned for its picturesque landscapes, outdoor recreational opportunities, and vibrant community. This thriving city is also celebrated for its exceptional dog-friendly culture, making it an ideal haven for our beloved Golden Retrievers. From vast open spaces to welcoming establishments, Boulder offers an array of features that cater to the needs and happiness […]

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Top 3 Dog Friendly Hikes in Boulder

Boulderites love our dogs! Good news is you don’t have to leave your pup behind on your next adventure!! Just remember, Boulder County requires that dogs have a ‘voice and sight’ control tag to go off-leash. Here is our list of the top 3 dog-friendly hikes: Royal Arch Trail – This moderate 3 mile out-and-back […]

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a man sitting on a rock with a dog on his back

Boulder’s Best Buddies: Exploring the Adventure Dogs of Colorado

When it comes to outdoor adventure, Boulder, Colorado, is a haven for nature enthusiasts and their furry companions. Known for its picturesque landscapes and extensive trail systems, Boulder is a paradise for dogs and their owners who seek thrilling escapades amidst the beauty of the Rocky Mountains. In this article, we’ll delve into the world […]

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Boulder Mystery Beast Or A VERY large Coyote?

  Spindly-legged, Reddish-Brown Classic Coyote That’s not what our Boulder visitors looked like. Not at all. Our Backyard Beast!. Coyote-Wolf-Dog Hybrids Are Out There!     pic Lenny Lensworth Frieling Taller than a backyard table, and 50 pounds of what? BIG Coyote? I saw this unusual canid in the backyard, where a fox carcass was decomposing. […]

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Faces of Boulder – Pic of the Day!

When Taryn met Oscar. “I’m glad he doesn’t have thumbs.” “I met him in Breckenridge. It was love at first sight. I’ve felt like we’ve been together ever since that day just mentally. He is filling a void for me and that’s great. His meaning to me is larger than life.”

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“Boulder’s Buddies: Top Tail-Waggers in Town”

  Good Dog Day  Boulder from Fido and Lensworth. The popularity of dog breeds can vary from year to year, but as of my last update in April 2023, the following were generally considered the most popular dog breeds in the United States: Most Popular Breeds Labrador Retriever French Bulldog German Shepherd Golden Retriever Bulldog […]

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The Healing Paws of Boulder: The Wonderful Working World of Therapy Dogs

  Jack Russell Terriers Many Dogs Have Natural Supportive Instincts And Train to be Therapy Dogs Readily In our Boulder world bustling with stress, adventures and challenges, therapy dogs stand out as four-legged heroes, offering comfort and peace. These special canines are not just pets; they are trained companions that bring joy, provide emotional support, […]

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Having A Dog Is Good for Your Health

Colorado is frequently ranked high on lists of the most dog-friendly places. Denver has gotten positive feedback for its overall dog-friendliness, including rankings on the dog-centric community website Rover and financial consulting company SmartAsset. Match.com ranked Colorado as the number one dog loving state. Spending quality time with pets, specifically dogs, provides humans with companionship […]

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