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Boulder’s Gentle Giant Pup: The Joyful Journey of an English Mastiff Puppy

Photo by Debi Dodge

Boulder, a city known for its vibrant community of dog lovers, is thrilled to welcome a delightful new addition to its ranks. This 8-week-old English Mastiff puppy, weighing around 20 pounds, has recently joined one of the many dog-adoring families in the area. With his adorable demeanor and impressive size – he’s already knee-high and expected to reach over 150 pounds – this little giant is quickly capturing hearts.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) describes the English Mastiff as a breed that embodies good nature, courage, and dignity, traits that are already becoming evident in this young pup. Debi, our photographer, has a special touch with dogs, and it’s no different with this little one. All dogs, regardless of their nature, seem to gravitate towards her, and this Mastiff puppy is no exception. Known for being excellent family pets, English Mastiffs are especially wonderful with children, displaying a gentle patience and protective instinct that make them beloved members of any household.

This young Mastiff in Boulder is at the beginning of a remarkable journey. As he transitions from a playful short-haired  bundle into a robust and noble dog, he will hold a special place in the Boulder dog-loving community. Despite his size, he epitomizes the breed’s characteristic gentle demeanor and steadfast loyalty. Each day, as he grows in stature, he also grows in the affections of those around him.

His family, along with the broader community, eagerly anticipates watching his transformation from a cuddly, pint-sized puppy into a magnificent, large-sized companion. Despite his massive build, he’s expected to retain his playful spirit and gentle nature. The journey ahead promises to be filled with moments of growth, bonding, and the discovery of the unique joys that come with raising one of the canine world’s most impressive breeds. This English Mastiff puppy’s story in dog-friendly Boulder is not just about his physical growth but also about the deepening bonds he will form with his family and the community, and the countless hearts he will touch with his endearing personality.

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