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Mindful Monday

Quartz, Boulder, Amethyst: Cure or Quack?

Crystals are often used in alternative healing practices and spiritual pursuits for their purported metaphysical properties. Here’s a breakdown of how they’re used and some specific types that are popular: Healing Properties Many people believe that crystals can promote physical, emotional, and spiritual healing by interacting with the body’s energy field, or chakra. Some spiritual […]

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Boulder and Everywhere: LASSIE, Silver Screen Hero!

A Classic Lassie Rescue! Lassie, the iconic hero collie in Boulder and everywhere, who has captured the hearts of millions around the globe, is undeniably one of the most beloved dogs of the big screen. Like a fine wine, aging has only improved America’s most loved and most recognized dog of the silver screen . […]

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Boulder Eclipse Spectacle: More Than Just a Shadow!

mm The solar eclipse viewed from Boulder was truly magnificent. Keeping in mind that the whole show is only possible because of a triple coincidence of planetary and star location. That’s some crazy stuff! Today’s eclipse had more going on than meets the eye. As the sun was covered, shielded by the moon, the temperature […]

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Boulder to Florida: In Pursuit of Bird-Inspired Motivation

pic Lenny Lensworth Frieling The Kingfisher speaks to Boulder and for itself. This seriously cute bird is a birdwatcher’s favorite. It’s easy to see why! Seeing a Kingfisher perched on a branch is truly Motivational, for Monday and for any other day. The Kingfisher, a captivating symbol of vibrancy and agility, belongs to the family […]

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In Boulder And Anywhere! Shared Knowledge Is Power!

    Since living in Boulder I have been using the phrase “Shared Knowledge is Power.” It lit up in neon in my mind in 1998 during a think tank portion of a conference. We were designing the then-new VALE Victim and Law Enforcement Board. A “surtax” was added to all fines and used to […]

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Meditation: The New Vegetable in Town

Meditation is an ancient practice that trains the mind to observe and regulate its own activity. It has been used for centuries by Hindu and Buddhist practitioners to cultivate attention, insight, and spirituality (1,2). More recently, meditation has been adopted and adapted by Western science and medicine as a way to enhance well-being, reduce stress, […]

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green mountain across body of water

Motivational Monday: The Critic

Each of us has dreams, desires, and ambitions. There are races we want to enter, promotions we want to apply for, fitness classes we would like to take, languages we wish to learn, businesses we want to start, and the list goes on. We make plans to get there and oftentimes can even see ourselves […]

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