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In Boulder And Anywhere! Shared Knowledge Is Power!



Since living in Boulder I have been using the phrase “Shared Knowledge is Power.” It lit up in neon in my mind in 1998 during a think tank portion of a conference. We were designing the then-new VALE Victim and Law Enforcement Board. A “surtax” was added to all fines and used to fund victim services.

Something written on a blackboard led to this personal revelation. While knowledge IS power, I respectfully suggest that “SHARED KNOWLEDGE IS POWER is a more useful aphorism. Remember that just because we know something that does not mean that others know it.

Does that mean I am suggesting that keep NO secrets? Of course not. I did not say “share ALL knowledge.” I do encourage and practice the sharing of knowledge. We raise ourselves and we raise everyone around us. A great teacher is one who is surpassed by her students.

I have control my own tendency to become didactic. Sharing is not lecturing. Sharing is not dictating. This type of sharing is like sharing our toys. We can all play with the toys instead of playing alone. Solo Monopoly is rather boring. So we share the board, the dice and the rules. THEN we first have something.

Lenny Lensworth Frieling

Shared Knowledge is Power!

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