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Aspen’s Double Dose: Exploring Psychedelics and Marijuana Together


The Perfect Illustration for A Hookah and an Amanita Mushroom, Topped With A Classic Alice In Wonderland Caterpillar

A short scenic three and a half hour drive or 5 hours with food, scenery, pictures, and a dilly dally time plan, just up the road from Boulder, is the magic of Aspen. 3 1/2 of one of the most beautiful drives imaginable, through Glenwood Springs and the amazing Glenwood Canyon, or, if it is open, over Independence Pass and down into Aspen. Over the years Aspen has gotten a lot closer. what was once a 5 hour drive with no delays is now an easy 3 1/2 hours if you want to get there quickly. Add a relatively new conference to Aspen’s busy summer events list, and the Psychedelic Brain Trust visits Aspen over the same weekend as the NORML Legal Committee.

The bars should be interesting in the evenings! In addition to NORML‘s famous Legal Committee conference, an event of long-standing in Aspen, Aspen is hosting a conference devoted to matters psychedelic. The fit seems about perfect. The study of all thing marijuana and all things magic mushroom conflate wonderfully. Our friend, teacher, and fellow activist Brian Vicente has played a central role in drug activism for decades. He’s done it successfully! He’s one of the leading people in the furtherance of psychedelics legally and safely. He’s a true champion of the people, a real activist, and one who is highly successful at what he achieves.

Knowing Brian Vicente, Esq. as a professional, as a fellow activist and as a friend is an honor. He has more bullet points on his CV than I do. His overlap of marijuana activism and psychedelic activism are a part of his life path that has and continues to influence and aid so many. His brilliance provides medicine and munchies for all of us. It’s too bad that the Food and Wine Festival will not have started yet. Professionally masterful managed munchies would have been a nice touch, but the room rates possible during mud days is hard to beat. And the Gant is ALWAYS hard to beat!

The Psychedelic Science Conference in Aspen, scheduled for June 16 – 20, 2025, and, is a significant event in the field of psychedelic research and advocacy. This conference will gather experts, researchers, clinicians, and advocates to discuss the latest advancements in the therapeutic use of psychedelics. Brian Vicente will be a prominent participant.

Brian , a founding partner of Vicente LLP, has been instrumental in shaping the legal landscape for cannabis and psychedelics in the United States. His advocacy began in the early 2000s when he co-founded Sensible Colorado, which played a pivotal role in passing Amendment 64, legalizing recreational cannabis in Colorado in 2012. Vicente’s efforts have set a precedent for other states and shifted national conversations around drug policy.

Before Sensible Colorado, Vicente worked with NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws), where he honed his skills in advocacy and policy reform. His experience and significant achievements and contributions to pot legalization with NORML laid the foundation for his later achievements in drug policy. His contributions to enhancing personal freedom while providing for the availability of recreational and medically beneficial drugs is a gift to all of us. Whether we choose to avail ourselves of these new/old options, Brian has helped make it a matter of personal choice instead of government babysitting. Thank you Brian!

At the Psychedelic Science Conference, Vicente will deliver a keynote address on the legal and regulatory challenges facing the psychedelic movement. He will discuss parallels between cannabis legalization and current efforts to decriminalize and regulate psychedelics, offering strategies for effective advocacy and policy reform. Vicente will also join a panel discussion on legal and ethical considerations in psychedelic therapy, sharing his expertise and commitment to social justice.

The conference promises to advance the conversation around psychedelics, with Vicente’s insights playing a crucial role in shaping the future of psychedelic medicine.

Aspen’s incredibly diverse offerings have diversified even more with the addition of magic mushrooms to the list of entertainment and education offerings of this magic mountain town.

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