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Boulder’s Dogs of the Day!

February 27th, 2024

Boulder, Colorado, is an absolute paradise for dogs, and one of the key reasons is the abundance of swimming opportunities that cater to their aquatic instincts. Dogs and water seem to be a match made in heaven, and Boulder’s natural beauty provides them with a plethora of swim-worthy spots. Firstly, Boulder’s numerous creeks and streams offer a refreshing escape for our four-legged friends. Whether it’s Boulder Creek itself, which runs through the heart of the city, or its tributaries like South Boulder Creek or Fourmile Creek, dogs have a wealth of cool, clean water to dive... Read More

Boulder’s Dog of the Day!

February 26th, 2024

Why Boulder Stands Out for Dog Owners Boulder, Colorado, is often lauded as one of the best places in the United States to have a dog. This picturesque city, nestled at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, offers a unique blend of natural beauty, dog-friendly amenities, and a community that embraces the canine lifestyle. In this blog, we’ll delve into the reasons that make Boulder a canine paradise. 1. Abundant Natural Spaces and Outdoor Activities One of the primary reasons Boulder is a haven for dogs and their owners is its unparalleled access to outdoor spaces. The city is surrounded... Read More

Loki Loves Boulder! From Feral to Adopt to Fuzzy Friend.

February 25th, 2024

  A Boulder “wanna bark,” Loki (the trickster of Norse Legends) was born in Fort Smith, Northwest Territories, Canada under a trailer in the snow, in -50-degree weather. He was the only survivor of his litter and spent the first four weeks of his life fighting for scraps to survive.  Survival was the beginning of his great good fortune! The owner of the property wasn’t even aware he existed. He was only found when the bylaw officer came with a warrant to clear the semi-feral dogs from the property, of which there were approximately 60. “My wife and I adopted him after... Read More

Boulder and Pups Take the Plunge: A Guide to Dog-Friendly Swimming

February 23rd, 2024

Boulder, CO: A Dog Lover’s Guide to Swimming Havens Boulder, Colorado, nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and their furry companions. With its picturesque landscapes, clear waters, and dog-friendly attitude, it’s the perfect place for dog owners looking to enjoy some aquatic fun with their pets. Here are the most popular places in Boulder where you and your dog can take a splash: 1. Boulder Reservoir – The Ultimate Doggie Paddle Destination The Boulder Reservoir is a favorite among locals for its vast open spaces and clear,... Read More

Boulder’s Dog of the Day!

February 22nd, 2024

Boulder is a great place to have a dog for a number of reasons. Boulder is renowned for its breathtaking natural scenery and plethora of outdoor recreation opportunities. Owning a dog enables you to explore this dog-friendly city’s many trails, parks, and open spaces to the fullest. Having a canine companion by your side enhances the experience, whether you’re hiking in the stunning mountains or strolling along the Boulder Creek Path. Additionally, Boulder is home to a robust community of dog lovers who are very supportive of one another. The city has a number of dog parks where you... Read More

Dog Of The Day Serves In Boulder

February 16th, 2024

Moe is a Miniature Poodle by breed and a GIANT in heart! This four year old service dog is a boon to her human and a worthy member of our Boulder community. She enriches all of us.  Read More

Boulder’s Dog of the Day!

February 15th, 2024

The Canine Haven: Boulder, Colorado’s Vibrant Dog Culture Nestled at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Boulder, Colorado, is not just a picturesque city known for its scenic landscapes and outdoor lifestyle but also a haven for dog lovers. The city’s unique dog culture is a testament to Boulder’s inclusive, nature-loving community, which goes to great lengths to ensure that furry friends are not just welcome but celebrated. This vibrant dog culture is reflected in various aspects of city life, from outdoor adventures to dog-friendly establishments and community events. Outdoor... Read More

Boulder’s Dog of the Day!

February 14th, 2024

Nestled against the majestic backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, Boulder, Colorado, is not only known for its stunning scenery and outdoor adventures but also for its vibrant dog-friendly culture. Here are some intriguing dog trivia, fun facts, and headlines that make Boulder a haven for our furry friends: 1. Dog-Friendly City: Boulder consistently ranks among the top dog-friendly cities in the United States, boasting numerous parks, trails, and businesses that welcome canine companions with open arms. 2. Dog Population: With over 30,000 registered dogs in Boulder County alone, it’s clear that... Read More

Boulder’s Dog of the Day!

February 13th, 2024

Boulder, Colorado, is often celebrated as one of the most dog-friendly cities in the United States, a distinction that comes from a combination of its culture, laws, and natural landscape. This city stands out as the dog capital of the country for several reasons, which we will explore in detail. 1. Abundance of Dog Parks and Open Spaces Boulder boasts an impressive number of dog parks and open spaces where dogs can roam freely, socialize, and play. The city understands the importance of outdoor activity for dogs, offering various off-leash areas like the Valmont Dog Park and the vast open... Read More

Boulder’s Dog of the Day!

February 12th, 2024

The Health Benefits of Having a Dog: Why Boulder, Colorado Makes It Even Better Dogs are more than just pets; they are companions that bring a myriad of health benefits to their owners. From reducing stress to improving physical health, the advantages of dog ownership are well-documented. But when you add the unique lifestyle and environment of Boulder, Colorado, into the mix, these benefits are magnified. Here’s why having a dog is good for your health, and why doing so in Boulder, Colorado, makes the experience even better. Boosting Physical Health Regular Exercise One of the most obvious... Read More

Boulder’s Dog of the Day!

February 11th, 2024

Boulder, Colorado, is renowned for its picturesque landscapes, outdoor-oriented culture, and inclusive community, making it an exceptional place for dog owners. The city’s unique blend of natural beauty, dog-friendly amenities, and active lifestyle presents a perfect environment for both dogs and their owners to thrive. Here are the top seven reasons why having a dog in Boulder, Colorado, is particularly fantastic: 1. Vast Open Spaces and Trails: Boulder is surrounded by over 45,000 acres of open space, including the iconic Flatirons, providing ample room for dogs to explore, run, and play.... Read More

Boulder’s Dog of the Day & Info for Dog Owners

February 10th, 2024

Colorado is frequently ranked high on lists of the most dog-friendly places. Match.com ranked Colorado as the number one dog loving state. Spending quality time with pets, specifically dogs, provides humans with companionship and can improve health. From a physiological standpoint, being with your dog can release feel-good hormones such as serotonin and oxytocin that elevate your mood. There are also other ways in which they can increase your health and  longevity. Increased physical activity. Dogs are more likely than other house pets to beg for play or exercise, encouraging owners to take more... Read More

Boulder’s Dog of the Day!

February 9th, 2024

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Boulder’s Dog of the Day!

February 8th, 2024

Boulder, Colorado, renowned for its picturesque landscapes and outdoor-oriented lifestyle, is a haven for dog lovers. The city’s affinity for canines is evident in its diverse dog population, encompassing a range of breeds each suited to the unique environment and lifestyle of Boulder. This essay explores the most popular dog breeds in Boulder and delves into why it’s an ideal location for dogs and their owners. Firstly, the Labrador Retriever, known for its friendly nature and adaptability, is a top choice among Boulder residents. Labs are excellent companions for outdoor activities... Read More

Guiding Light: How Boulder’s Specially Trained Dogs Empower the Visually Impaired

February 3rd, 2024

  Only after intensive training and study does a Boulder puppy grow to be a guide dog. The inter-dependence of the guide dog and it’s sight impaired person is something that those of us fortunate enough to have good vision will never experience. While we are close to  our pets, we don’t rely upon them to literally lead us through life. Training a seeing eye dog, also known as a guide dog, is a process that involves several stages and requires a combination of patience, dedication, and specialized skills. The primary goal of this training is to prepare the dog to safely guide... Read More

“Boulder’s Buddies: Top Tail-Waggers in Town”

January 31st, 2024

  Good Dog Day  Boulder from Fido and Lensworth. The popularity of dog breeds can vary from year to year, but as of my last update in April 2023, the following were generally considered the most popular dog breeds in the United States: Most Popular Breeds Labrador Retriever French Bulldog German Shepherd Golden Retriever Bulldog For Colorado specifically, the preferences might differ slightly from the national trends due to factors like climate, outdoor activities, and urban vs. rural living.  Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers are often popular in states with outdoor lifestyles... Read More

Service Dog or Therapy Dog? Boulder’s Best Includes Both

January 30th, 2024
adult black pug

In Boulder as everywhere, various types of support dogs are being seen wearing some type of distinctive vest or collar. Does that really mean something? What does it not mean? A Seeing-Eye Dog At Work Let’s look at the classic service dog compared to a therapy dog. While both are amazingly important, they are not the same. They have different training, different purposes, and different legal standing. Service dogs and therapy dogs have different roles and therefore different rights regarding access to public places. Service Dogs: Role: Service dogs are trained to perform specific tasks... Read More

Mad Max of Boulder: A Boulder Love Dog!

January 29th, 2024

Many Boulderites believe that a dog adopted/rescued from a humane society shelter understands that they were rescued, and display gratitude. Anthropomorphizing is always  suspect, especially with me. I also am confident that I have seen this phenomenon repeatedly, and I know others report the same thing. Our neighbor’s pup, Max, is a two year old German Shepherd–Black Labrador mix. He is a lover, a sweetheart, and a great neighbor! When he was first brought to his new home he was a tad rambunctious. He was a jumper, and although always loving and friendly, because of his size and... Read More

The Healing Paws of Boulder: The Wonderful Working World of Therapy Dogs

January 28th, 2024
dog, puppy, jack russell

  Jack Russell Terriers Many Dogs Have Natural Supportive Instincts And Train to be Therapy Dogs Readily In our Boulder world bustling with stress, adventures and challenges, therapy dogs stand out as four-legged heroes, offering comfort and peace. These special canines are not just pets; they are trained companions that bring joy, provide emotional support, and help alleviate anxiety in various settings. Today, let’s delve into the heartwarming and impactful universe of therapy dogs. The Making of a Therapy Dog Not every dog is cut out to be a therapy dog. These unique canines must... Read More

Fido Adopts A Leonberger! A Former Mutt, Now An AKC Breed

January 27th, 2024

What IS a mutt? It is a mix of two or more breeds. So it is a moving target. Today’s mixed breed is tomorrow’s new breed. A great example is the Leonberger. The Leonberger dog breed was created in the 1840s to resemble the lion of the Leonberg town crest. It is a cross between a Newfoundland and St Bernard, and a backcross to a Pyrenean Mountain Dog. So what was once a mutt is now an official AKC breed! Today’s word of the day is “heterosis.” That’s a great word that means “mutts really are more robust than pure-bred dogs.” The Leonberger... Read More