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Dobby, Boulder Dog of the Day!

                                                           Easter Boulder County Resident

Generally trying to chase bunnies and not being terribly good at it since he’s 14, Dobby is an older mix from the Dumb Friends League. He’s sleeps on his back with his legs straight up in the air. He’s a good listener and a good buddy.

The Dumb Friends League, founded in 1910, is a non-profit animal welfare organization based in Denver, Colorado. Named after the London-based National Canine Defense League, the term “dumb” historically referred to animals’ inability to speak. This compassionate organization is dedicated to ending pet homelessness and animal suffering. They provide a myriad of services, including adoption, medical care, foster care, and humane education, striving to give voice to the voiceless and improve the lives of animals and people.

The Dumb Friends League operates with a strong commitment to the community, offering programs that promote responsible pet ownership, reduce overpopulation, and prevent animal neglect and cruelty. Their facilities are sanctuaries for thousands of animals annually, ranging from dogs and cats to horses and small mammals. The League is also proactive in legislative advocacy, pushing for laws that protect animals and support animal welfare. Through community engagement and education, they work to foster a more humane society.

Lenny Lensworth Frieling

Shared Knowledge is Power!

Leonard Frieling Pen Of Justice Legal Blogger
  • Senior Counsel Emeritus to the Boulder Law firm Dolan + Zimmerman LLP : (720)-610-0951
  • Former Judge
  • Photographer of the Year, AboutBoulder 2023
  • First Chair and Originator of the Colorado Bar Association’s Cannabis Law Committee, a National first.
  • Previous Chair, Boulder Criminal Defense Bar (8 years)
  • Twice chair Executive Counsel, Colorado Bar Association Criminal Law Section
  • NORML Distinguished Counsel Circle
  • Life Member, NORML Legal Committee
  • Life Member, Colorado Criminal Defense Bar
  • Board Member Emeritus, Colorado NORML
  • Chair, Colorado NORML, 7 years including during the successful effort to legalize recreational pot in Colorado
  • Media work, including episodes of Fox’s Power of Attorney, well in excess of many hundreds media interviews, appearances, articles, and podcasts, including co-hosting Time For Hemp for two years.
  • Board member, Author, and Editor for Criminal Law Articles for the Colorado Lawyer, primary publication of the Colorado Bar Assoc. 7 Years, in addition to having 2 Colorado Lawyer cover photos, and numerous articles for the Colorado Lawyer monthly publication.
  • LEAP Speaker, multi-published author, University lectures Univ. of Colorado, Boulder, Denver University Law School, Univ. of New Mexico, Las Vegas NM, and many other schools at all levels.
  • http://www.Lfrieling.com
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