Almost anyone with a dog will tell you that their furry friend is more than just a pet, it’s their beloved best friend and they do everything they can together; walks, runs, hikes and in the case of some of the lucky well behaved and registered support dogs, even errands! And in a city where tech and dogs rule all, its no surprise that one of Boulder’s youngest startups offers smart technology for mans best friend. WÜF is a smart dog collar striving to become the leader in smart technology for animals.  Their mission: to enable better dog owners and provide unique communication with your dog.


WÜF is a waterproof and durably comfortable smart collar, its hardware contained in a small case made of plastic and rubber. Inside the hardware is all the smart fluff necessary to provide you and your dog with: GPS tracking, activity tracking, games, feeding recommendations, training instructions, a digital fence and leash as well as two way audio.




These features are great way to stay connected to your dog even when you’re not there. Want to know what your dog’s been up to while you’re at work? Check the activity tracker. Want to keep your dog entertained when you can’t be there? Use the gaming feature to keep your dog entertained for hours. Really missing your dog? Not a problem because WÜF’s two way audio makes it possible for you to call your dog just to say hi! And in the event that your dog wanders off, which hopefully never happens, have no fear WÜF’s GPS tracking is here! WÜF’s software also  allows you to set parameters for their invisible leash feature, and when your dog approaches that limit the collar receives an audio command to keep your pup from strolling too far off leash.


The technology within the collar is powered by rechargeable lithium batteries and is made up from the same components inside a smartphone: GPS, GSM, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, flash memory, microphone and speakers are all part of the tech goodies within WÜF. While the collar is adjustable and comes in multiple sizes, for teeny-tiny toy cup pups the collar might be a bit too big but WÜF has indicated that they are working on smaller sizes for miniature-sized canines.




Founded by Sean G. Kelly, WÜF’s tight-knit team debuted their product on June 27th, 2014 during Boomtown’s Demo Day—the closing chapter for startups selected to participate in Boomtown’s accelerator program. The first collars were shipped out in October 2015 with more currently available for preoder. Still a dynamic work in progress, WÜF aims to be the hub for all of you and your dogs activities and interactions. The WÜF team is also currently working on an app for iPhone and Android devices and is constantly making tweaks to improve their product and to be the newest and coolest way to play with your pup.