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No Name, Land Of Rolling Cabins And A Town Boulderites Frequently PASS and PASS FAST!


Here’s how my favorite AMTRAK ZEPHYR conductor told it as we passed through a tiny Colorado town.
The tiny town of No Name sits up on a bluff on the North side of the rail line, perhaps 500 yards above the tracks if memory serves me. And it doesn’t. Don’t rely on my memory for mapping, navigating, or for much else for that matter. Some of my best memories never happened!

As you pass beneath the town, you look up to see perhaps a hundred or fewer mobile homes set in from I-70. [It’s actually 117 units]. These Rolling Cabins  are the heart of this tale.

Gathering on the top of the bluff each summer, a Rolling Cabin town of sorts arose. Somewhat isolated, and living as an erstwhile town.

Part of what defines a “town” is whether or not they share some challenges. Such as “how do we get mail delivered?”

Even the Pony Express would not service this patchwork of Mobile Homes. The Post Office had successfully been following procedure and had not and would not deliver mail to this parking lot.

BUT IF that parking lot, from the point of view of the post office, ” wants mail delivered, they have to have a name.”

No problem. This grouping of Rolling Cabins sat down around the campfire with guitars. After a few singalongs of Kumbaya, someone asked if there was time for a five minute meeting. “Sure.” “We have to have a name! And then we can get mail. We can earn the fundamental right to receive bills, junk mail, bills, bills… and…and…and… ”  The vote was immediate and unanimous.”We want mail delivered right here!” OK. What was the town’s name to be?  Someone said “how about naming us ‘No Name’.”  The vote was immediate and unanimous. My hat is off to and I give a bow to whoever came up with that name.

And Thus The Birth Of No Name, Colorado. 81601. Yes, I said “81601.”

Lenny Lensworth Frieling

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