Friday - June 14th, 2024

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Faces of Boulder: University of Colorado Fan Edition

“Buff Pride, Buff Spirit: Celebrating with Chip at CU”

At the heart of one of the nation’s top-ranked and most picturesque campuses, the University of Colorado Boulder fans showcase an unwavering pride that is both inspiring and infectious. In our latest “Faces of Boulder: Fan Edition,” we capture the vibrant spirit and enthusiasm of CU buffs as they gather around their beloved mascot, Chip, during a game. Dressed in their black and gold, these fans embody the Buff Pride as they cheer, laugh, and celebrate, creating an electrifying atmosphere that only a CU game can offer. The backdrop of the beautiful Boulder campus further elevates the spirit of this incredible community, making game days unforgettable events that epitomize college spirit at its best.

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