Maroon Bells Is The Most Photographed Scene In Colorado.

The oldest and most respected of the Marijuana Policy and Education groups in the world, NORML, National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws was formed by Keith Stroup in 1970.

Today, the NORML Legal Committee NLC is composed of some of the finest drug defense lawyers in the Country. The Aspen Seminar is a yearly time to “cross-pollinate.” For the first half of the day these genius attorneys with international reputations provide ongoing education to our NLC lawyers. This includes our “science guy,” Paul Armentano. Paul is personally responsible for the technical organic chemistry perspective and facts we need to be effective advocates. Others teach us how to handle minority representation and its special issues. Others address specific legal issues that they’ve encountered.

Instead of pot pics I have elected to publish Spring Flower pictures from indoors and out. I do this for two reasons. First, symbolically, we are truly cross-pollinating. Second, I am selfishly in the mood for more Spring Flower pictures.Parrot Tulip Being Amazing as Always!

Gerry Goldstein is one of the finest lawyers in the United States. He is also a power house in the NORML family. We have him yearly, updating us on search and seizure law. In drug cases, the suppression hearing, the challenge to the legality of a search, is the most important part of the drug prosecution and Gerry is the plus que parfait, the best of the best, in sharing his understanding of the law and of the Supreme Court. Everyone who teaches presents a one hour segment except for Gerry. He does his best to fit his material into two  hours.

Our afternoon is then devoted to socializing, playing at being tourists, visiting Woody Creek and Owl Farm, and visiting our friends in Aspen. Many of us have known each other and helped each other out over decades. The leaders of many of the other excellent advocacy groups found their start and introduction to activism in the NORML family and then went forth to spread the light from their own organization.The success in legalizing marijuana for recreational use in Colorado was due in large part to the efforts of the NLC as well as by the cooperation among the various advocacy groups. A64 needed the combined efforts of all to allow Colorado to be the first to legalize. We were also the first to make it illegal in the 1930s. 1937 was not a good year for legalization!


I Have Been Honored By Being Invited to Be A Legal Education Presenter Numerous Times This  Year I have The Honor For The Third Time Of Hosting a Daily Seminar Session. For a Half Day I Introduce Speakers and Keep Things Moving.

Because we visit Aspen and the Gant during “Mud Days,” we are gambling on the weather. We are there between the end of ski season and the beginning of Aspen summer festival series. The Food Festival generally starts the day after we check out. Because of this our rates are impressively low. Every so often the weather is challenging, but most years the weather is perfect. The Town of Aspen and Woody Creek love us! We are treated as conquering heroes returning home. We leave on Sunday, wiser as lawyers and happier as tourists. Once more we can visit “the Bells.” Once again we can walk through the John Denver Memorial Garden along the banks of the Roaring Fork River.I Have Been A Presenter Both In Aspen And In Key West.

One year I was sitting in front of the John Denver boulder with the words to Rocky Mountain High engraved in it. As I struggled with the song on my guitar, a nice guy rode up to me on his bike. He asked if I wanted him to show me how to play the song. I said “yes please.” He knew the song as John Denver played it, perfectly. In fact he know it so well I remain convinced that he was a John Denver band member. Aspen is so special that things like this happen. Even the famously surely waitresses at the Woody Creek Canyon just below Owl Farm, become charming sweethearts upon learning that we are “NORML Lawyers.”

Lenny Lensworth Frieling

Shared Knowledge Is Power

  • Senior Counsel Emeritus to the Boulder Law firm Dolan + Zimmerman LLP : (720)-610-0951
  • Former Judge
  • Photographer of the Year, AboutBoulder 2023
  • First Chair and Originator of the Colorado Bar Association’s Cannabis Law Committee, a National first.
  • Previous Chair, Boulder Criminal Defense Bar (8 years)
  • Twice chair Executive Counsel, Colorado Bar Association Criminal Law Section
  • NORML Distinguished Counsel Circle
  • Life Member, NORML Legal Committee
  • Life Member, Colorado Criminal Defense Bar
  • Board Member Emeritus, Colorado NORML
  • Chair, Colorado NORML, 7 years including during the successful effort to legalize recreational pot in Colorado
  • Media work, including episodes of Fox’s Power of Attorney, well in excess of many hundreds media interviews, appearances, articles, and podcasts, including co-hosting Time For Hemp for two years.
  • Board member, Author, and Editor for Criminal Law Articles for the Colorado Lawyer, primary publication of the Colorado Bar Assoc. 7 Years, in addition to having 2 Colorado Lawyer cover photos, and numerous articles for the Colorado Lawyer monthly publication.
  • LEAP Speaker, multi-published author, University lectures Univ. of Colorado, Boulder, Denver University Law School, Univ. of New Mexico, Las Vegas NM, and many other schools at all levels.