Colorado has had a variety of different, insane snow storms, from late in the year to simply a ton of snow falling at once. Check out these five that you may remember!

1. March 2003

An unexpectedly late snow storm, this storm dumped over 30 inches in Denver nonstop over three days. Surrounding mountain towns saw up to 82 inches! This storm managed to tear a hole in the tent at DIA just from the sheer weight of the snow.

2. Christmas Eve 1982

This cheery winter-weather snow storm brought about two feet of snow with it and effectively shut down the state for a couple days. For most people this was fine as there was no school or work, but last-minute Christmas shoppers were out of luck.

3. October 1997

This early storm shortly after DIA was built brought in about two feet of snow and notably stranded passengers at the airport as there were no hotels nearby to stay at. The storm grounded all planes, and thousands of people slept on the floors at DIA waiting for their flight to leave.

4. November 1946

WWII had just ended, and Denver was hit with a whopping 30 inches of snow over the second-longest snow storm on record: over 70 hours. No cars could run, so everyone was stuck inside until the storm finally blew over.

5. December 1913

Colorado’s biggest blizzard still serves as a benchmark for how destructive snow can be in the state. The storm itself was relatively short, only lasting a few days, but still managed to dump nearly 50 inches of snow on people who were unaware a storm was even coming.