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5 Safest Neighborhoods in Boulder, Colorado

5 Safest Neighborhoods in Boulder, Colorado

Boulder is one of the most charming cities in the US. Its picturesque setting with peaceful neighborhoods is perfect for anyone looking to get away from the ultra-urban city lifestyle. If you are planning on moving to Boulder, however, staying up-to-date on its safety records is important.

5 Safest Neighborhoods in Boulder, Colorado

According to AreaVibes, rates of rape, robbery, and assault in Boulder are 49.5, 47.5, and 267.7 per 100,000 people. These are considerably lower compared with the average figures for Colorado. However, the safety of a community is not all about violent crimes. According to Nuwber, traffic fatalities, unemployment, and financial stability can all help determine how secure an area is to live. So, which communities in Boulder, Colorado, can you safely settle into? Here are the top five we recommend based on ratings given by AreaVibes.

1. Dakota Ridge

With a livability score of 79/100, Dakota Ridge is one of the safest neighborhoods in Boulder. Its unemployment rate is only 2%, and the median household income is 83% above the US average. At 3,520 per 100,000 people, total crime is also lower than the average for Colorado.

2. Palo Park

Palo Park boasts a livability score of 74/100 and a 0% unemployment rate. In addition, total crime records are exceptionally low at only 1,215, which is 67% below the average levels for Colorado. Year-on-year, crime has declined by 12% in the city, and the chance of becoming a victim is estimated to be one in 83. However, all these make Palo Park relatively expensive to live in. Its cost of living is 33% above the state average.

3. Gunbarrel

This is a fairly small community with 9,239 residents and a median age of 45.5 years. Gunbarrel has an impressively low crime rate—80% below the figures recorded for Colorado. And at 687 per 100,000 people, the likelihood of experiencing a crime is well below the US level. It also ranks above many other cities in health and safety, housing, employment, and overall livability that is rated as 74 out of 100.

4. North Boulder

With a population of 11,930, this is a smaller community that has outpaced larger counterparts when it comes to livability, receiving a score of 77/100 on AreaVibes. It also has a high employment rate, which is 64% above the national level. Income per capita and median household income are 84% and 102% higher than the national average. How about crime-related reports? Crime in North Boulder is 52% below the average rates for Boulder. Violent and property crimes are 31% less than the US level.

5. South Boulder

The majority of 16,230 residents of South Boulder are relatively young, with a median age of 38. But make no mistake, it has some of the quietest neighborhoods you can find in Boulder. A high livability score of 75/100 and a crime rate of 2,246 incidents per 100,000 people are other factors that make this city a preferred place for families.

Boulder Colorado Flatirons and CU Campus Panorama

Finding a Safe Neighborhood in Boulder: What to Keep in Mind

If you are ready to make Boulder your home, there are a few things to consider before you start house hunting.

Research. Research. Research.

Boulder’s scenic beauty and relatively quiet pace of life undoubtedly make it an excellent place to live. However, each community is different, and what appears at first glance may be starkly different from what you will experience once you settle in.

So, don’t just rely on real estate agents to update you about life in Boulder. To get an accurate picture of safety and livability, you must do your own research.

For example,

  • Find out the local crime rates and trends, and scan online news media for recent incidents. Don’t forget to go through the National Sex Offender Registry to identify any registered offenders living nearby.
  • Read reviews from residents and travelers to get an idea about the city’s general lifestyle, quality of amenities, and local activities and events.
  • Spend adequate time in the neighborhood to get a firsthand feel of the area and its residents. Pay particular attention to telltale signs of safety issues. These could range from abandoned houses and a high number of cops to a lack of road signs and streetlights.
  • Speak to local residents, including neighbors and shop owners. Ask them about local life, activities, and safety incidents.

Manage Your Expectations.

Hospitals, schools, and public commuting options are generally important for families with kids. Those living on their own might want to find a house closer to their workplace or with plenty of pubs and restaurants nearby.

But remember, finding the perfect place to live requires making a few compromises. The truth is, you might not be able to tick all your expectations of an ideal home. If you do, it will come at a high cost.

Neighborhoods with an outstanding safety track record and quick access to amenities are pricier than others. This rule applies to every city, not only Boulder.

So, determine what is essential for you and what you are willing to compromise before you go house hunting.

Adopt a Safety-First Approach.

A safety-conscious mindset can never go wrong, even in the safest neighborhoods.

Here are a few useful tips:

  • Strengthen your home’s safety with digital locks, security cameras, alarms, and similar security systems where necessary.
  • If you plan to sublet, carry out an extensive background check before opening your home to strangers.
  • Keep a record of valuable items and store them securely to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Ensure your safety while traveling, too. For instance, avoid wearing jewelry or carrying valuable items when using public transport, and never travel alone at night, especially on deserted streets.

To Conclude

If you are planning on moving to Boulder, Colorado, finding a secure community to live in will not be that challenging.

Dakota Ridge, Palo Park, Gunbarrel, North Boulder, and South Boulder have some of the safest neighborhoods in the state. Apart from boasting low crime rates, they have excellent access to amenities, higher employment rates, and stunning scenery for you to enjoy.

John Mali Director of Media Relations

Director of Media Relations at AboutBoulder.com


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