CU Boulder has shut down its physical campus for the time being, but that doesn’t mean you get to slack off on your studies. See how many of these fun facts you know while you’re waiting for your classmates to figure out how to connect to the online class.

1. CU boasts nearly 475,000 living alumni, more than 250,000 of whom call Colorado their home. This means that 52% of alum stay in the Centennial State!

2. CU employs more than 37,000 people. This makes CU Boulder the largest employer in Colorado, with Lockheed Martin following closely behind.

3. CU boasts 19 alumni astronauts from the Boulder, Colorado Springs and Anschutz campuses, and one teaching astronaut at CU Boulder.

4. In fiscal year 2018-19, CU garnered $1.2 billion in sponsored research awards to conduct research in economic sectors critical to the state and nation, including energy, bioscience, aerospace and health care.

5. CU research has led to the creation of more than 190 new companies, including ShoeSense Running and the Space Research Company.

6. With 17 varsity sports teams, the CU Boulder Buffs have won 29 national championships, in cross country, skiing, golf and football.

7. Physicians at the University of Colorado performed the first liver transplant in 1963.

Kaylee was raised (but not *technically* born) in Colorado. She graduated from Regis University with a bachelor of arts in English. During her time at Regis she worked as a teaching assistant in a freshman classroom setting and in the writing center helping students on a variety of topics. While there, she discovered Cura Personalis, or care for the entire person, leading to her love of feminism and desire for equal rights for all. Kaylee is the managing editor for AboutBoulder, OnDenver, and a key member of the OnMetro team, launching this platform in cities across the United States.