Boulder and Denver Colorado, February 23, 2024: Announcing the latest major development of the two already immensely popular sites, and

Renowned for its spectacular growth and major online innovation and presence, and have merged! New records are being set daily, with over TEN MILLION page views last year and more than FIFTY THOUSAND daily visitors, the quality of the page views is astonishing. The views average over TWELVE PAGES PER VISIT! These amazing numbers and the achievement they represent to a degree rarely seen is the direct result of consistently engaging content and strong user involvement.

Boulder and Denver: A Synergistic Union

The collaboration between and creates a compelling digital platform that combines the best of Boulder and Denver. This partnership is set to enhance the content experience for users by offering an expanded view of the local culture, events, and business opportunities across both cities, aiming to engage a larger audience and foster deeper connections within the community.

Enhanced Community Engagement and Visibility

By merging these two platforms, the initiative aims to strengthen community ties and offer local businesses, artists, and event organizers a powerful channel for visibility and audience engagement. This move underscores a commitment to using digital innovation as a tool for community development, supporting local economies, and enriching the cultural and social landscape of Boulder and Denver.

A Destination for Rich Local Content

The combined strengths of and promise to create an unmatched destination for exploring the diversity and vibrancy of Boulder and Denver. With an average of over 12 page views per visit, the platform is set to captivate users with a wide array of content, from in-depth cultural insights and outdoor adventures to business profiles and local events, catering to a vast audience interested in the Colorado lifestyle.

aerial view of city buildings during daytime

About and has become a key player in the digital media sector, reaching over 10 million page views annually and now featuring an impressive engagement rate with over 12 page views per visit. complements this success by providing a deep dive into Denver’s culture, news, and events, highlighting the city’s dynamic atmosphere and rich history.

The joining of with the family signifies an exciting chapter in the digital narrative of these iconic cities. This harmonious fusion of platforms not only expands horizons but also symbolizes a celebration of the distinctive allure and boundless potential of Boulder and Denver, Colorado. As the journey unfolds, this collaboration is poised to enrich the digital landscape, inviting individuals to embark on a captivating exploration of the dynamic tapestry woven by these two remarkable cities.