Tuesday - June 25th, 2024

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Bolder Boulder: Faces of Determination Against Green Mountain

In the latest edition of “Faces of Boulder – Bolder Boulder Edition,” we capture the determined runners participating in one of the most renowned races in the country. Set against a backdrop of a beautiful day, the iconic Flatirons and Green Mountain, towering over 8,000 feet high, create an epic and inspiring scene. These athletes embody the spirit of resilience and community that defines Boulder, pushing their limits with every step on this celebrated course. The vibrant energy of the race, combined with the stunning natural beauty of Boulder, showcases the unique charm of this beloved event. From seasoned marathoners to enthusiastic first-timers, the diverse faces of the Bolder Boulder reflect the passion and dedication that makes this race a true hallmark of the community. As runners cross the finish line, their expressions of triumph and camaraderie are a testament to the collective spirit of achievement and perseverance.

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