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Boulder and Beer Hidden Gems: Top 5 Breweries to Visit After the Bolder Boulder

After completing the Bolder Boulder race in Boulder, Colorado, there’s no better way to unwind and celebrate your achievement than by visiting some of the hidden gem breweries in the area.

While Boulder is known for its iconic breweries, there are lesser-known spots that offer exceptional craft beers and a cozy atmosphere, making them the best place to get beer after a race. Here are the top 5 hidden gems for post-Bolder Boulder beers that every beer enthusiast visiting should explore.

Sanitas Brewing Company
Sanitas Brewing Company is known for its innovative brewing techniques and commitment to sustainability. Nestled near the Boulder Creek Path, it’s an ideal spot for runners to unwind. Sanitas offers a diverse range of beers, including their popular Black IPA and crisp Saison. The brewery’s spacious patio and bocce ball courts provide a laid-back environment to relax and celebrate your race accomplishment.

Finkel and Garf, Gunbarrel Colorado

Finkel & Garf Brewing Co.
Finkel & Garf Brewing Co. prides itself on crafting straightforward, quality beers with a playful twist. Their approachable brews, like the classic Amber Ale and refreshing American Lager, are perfect for any palate. The brewery’s family-friendly taproom, complete with board games and a welcoming atmosphere, makes it a great spot to gather with friends and family after the Bolder Boulder.

Avery Brewing Company
Avery Brewing Company might not be as hidden, but it’s definitely a gem in the Boulder beer scene. Renowned for its bold, flavorful beers, Avery offers an impressive lineup, from the potent Maharaja Imperial IPA to the smooth and rich Ellie’s Brown Ale. The expansive brewery and restaurant offer plenty of space to relax, enjoy a meal, and sample some of Boulder’s finest brews.

Beyond the Mountain Brewing Company
Beyond the Mountain Brewing Company combines a love for craft beer with a passion for live music. Known for their rotating selection of creative beers, including the juicy Hazy IPA and rich Coffee Stout, this brewery offers a vibrant atmosphere with frequent live music performances. It’s an excellent spot to enjoy good tunes and great brews after a day of running.

VisionQuest Brewery
VisionQuest Brewery is a true hidden gem, known for its experimental and eclectic brews. Located in the heart of Boulder, VisionQuest offers a unique selection of beers, from traditional styles to innovative creations like their Mango Tango Sour and Peanut Butter Porter. The intimate and cozy taproom provides a welcoming space to relax and enjoy some truly unique flavors.

Each of these breweries offers something special, whether it’s innovative flavors, a relaxing ambiance, or a connection to the local culture. They are the perfect places to toast your achievements and enjoy the vibrant craft beer scene that Boulder has to offer.

clear drinking glass with beer

Exploring these hidden gem breweries after the Bolder Boulder race in Boulder, Colorado, unveils a world of exceptional craft beers, warm hospitality, and vibrant beer cultures that capture the essence of the region’s rich brewing heritage. Whether you’re a seasoned beer enthusiast or someone looking to celebrate your race accomplishment with a memorable post-race experience, these breweries offer the perfect blend of quality, innovation, and community, making them the best place to get beer after a race in Boulder.

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