Scoops of Heaven: Exploring Boulder's Top Ice Cream Parlors

When it comes to sweet treats in Boulder, Colorado, nothing quite hits the spot like a scoop of delicious, creamy ice cream. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, exploring the best ice cream shops in Boulder is a must for any dessert enthusiast. From classic flavors to innovative creations, Boulder’s ice cream parlors offer a delightful range of options to satisfy your cravings. Let’s take a closer look at some of the top spots to indulge in a heavenly scoop of ice cream in this charming city.

  1. Glacier Homemade Ice Cream & Gelato – A favorite among locals, Glacier Homemade Ice Cream & Gelato serves a variety of artisanal flavors ranging from classic to innovative, like lavender honey and lemon chiffon. Their homemade waffle cones are a must-try. The shop is known for its quality ingredients and wide selection.
  2. Sweet Cow Ice Cream – This shop is celebrated for its locally sourced ingredients and sustainable practices. Sweet Cow features a rotating menu of seasonal flavors and offers both vegan and dairy-free options. Don’t miss their “Boulder County Fair” flavor, which incorporates local ingredients.
  3. Van Leeuwen Ice Cream – Originating from New York City, Van Leeuwen has made a significant mark in Boulder with its artisanal, organic ice creams. They offer a range of flavors from traditional ones like chocolate and vanilla to unique ones like honeycomb and vegan oat milk-based options.
  4. Ben and Jerry’s – No list of ice cream shops would be complete without Ben and Jerry’s. Known for their rich, indulgent flavors and commitment to social causes, their Boulder location on Pearl Street is a popular spot.
  5. Boulder Organic Ice Cream – Known for crafting their products in small batches using organic ingredients, Boulder Organic Ice Cream offers a delightful range of flavors like Espresso Chocolate Chip and Island Coconut. They are committed to sustainability, using wind power for their operations and following a zero-waste initiative.
  6. Lindsay’s Boulder Deli at Haagen Dazs – While primarily a deli, this location serves up Haagen Dazs ice cream, combining delightful sandwich options with classic ice cream flavors.
  7. Heifer and the Hen Organic Creamery – This creamery focuses on organic ingredients for their bold ice cream flavors and also offers creative vegan options. The unique offerings like bourbon honey and their emphasis on organic products make it a standout.

coned ice cream with blueberries and flowers

With an array of delightful ice cream parlors to choose from, Boulder, Colorado, is a true haven for those with a sweet tooth. Whether you’re strolling along Pearl Street or exploring the city’s charming neighborhoods, you’re never far from a delightful scoop of heavenly ice cream. These top ice cream shops in Boulder promise a delectable adventure for all who seek to indulge in the finest frozen treats this city has to offer.