The Boulder International Film Festival is a huge event that locals look forward to every year, and this year is no different as the festival kicked off with a bang and a sold out opening night.

The parade outside of the Boulder theater brought in an estimated 800 people, with the premiere of “Once Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson and the Band.” This year also welcomed special guests including Boulder legendary musician Robbie Robertson, actor Jesse Eisenberg and author Cheryl Strayed.

Kathy Beeck, organizer of the event, says that, “We bring in a lot of cultural experiences and films from all over the world. It’s something we are delighted to share.”

This weekend will host other events including the premiere of “The Euphoria of Being,” a film about Holocaust survivor asked to participate in a dance performance about her life’s journey.

“We think that film has the power to change the world,” Kathy Beeck said. “Everyone gets something different out of the experience whether education, awareness building or sometimes it is just pure entertainment.”

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