Exploring Boulder’s Best Football Viewing Spots

Boulder, Colorado, a city known for its scenic landscapes and vibrant cultural scene, also boasts a variety of venues perfect for catching the latest football game. Whether you’re a local fan or just passing through, these spots offer a mix of great food, brews, and, of course, football. According to Yelps  most recent data these are the top 10 football viewing spots near Boulder, Colorado:

Twisted Pine Brewing Company
A brewery that feels like a sports bar yet maintains a family-friendly atmosphere. With plenty of TVs to catch college football action, Twisted Pine offers a cozy setting to enjoy American classics and a selection of craft beers. Their outdoor seating, takeout, and curbside pickup options add to the convenience.

West End Tavern
This tavern is a haven for football enthusiasts and foodies alike. Offering New American cuisine, barbeque, and burgers, it’s a spot where groups used to gather every Sunday to enjoy the games. The West End Tavern provides outdoor seating, delivery, and takeout, making it a versatile choice for game day.

Boulder Social
Positioning itself as a New American Brewpub, Boulder Social has a casual vibe that invites patrons to watch the end of football games on their TVs. With pizza among their offerings, it’s a laid-back venue for catching up on sports. They also offer outdoor seating, delivery, and takeout.

Dark Horse
A sports bar with a twist, Dark Horse serves American fare and is open until midnight, making it a go-to for late-night football. They kick off Sundays with great breakfast options, ensuring a fulfilling experience as you enjoy the games. Outdoor seating, takeout, and curbside pickup are available here too.

Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery
Known for its friendly atmosphere, great food, and service, Mountain Sun is a pub that welcomes NFL fans. They pride themselves on cleanliness, including their bathrooms, and offer a variety of brews and burgers. Enjoy their outdoor seating, delivery, and takeout services as you watch.

The Post Chicken & Beer
A warm and hospitable spot, The Post is ideal for those who love to pair football with delicious chicken and beer. Their approachable setting ensures that every visit is enjoyable, whether you’re there for the food, drinks, or game.

Rayback Collective
A unique combination of food trucks, bars, and music venues, Rayback Collective offers a casual setting to enjoy football games, especially on Sundays. Their outdoor seating and takeout options cater to those looking for a more relaxed game day experience.

Pearl Street Pub and Cellar
Though not the primary choice for catching a game, this pub offers a cozy atmosphere with a few TVs. It’s a spot where you can enjoy American classics and perhaps catch a glimpse of the game. The upstairs bar is a hidden gem for a quieter experience.

Gravity Brewing
With a focus on craft beers, Gravity Brewing provides a laid-back environment where sports and news flicker on the TVs. Their blackberry sour, “Violet Quasar,” comes highly recommended for those looking to try something different.

Attic Bar & Bistro
A lively venue known for its amazing food and fun atmosphere. The Attic Bar & Bistro is a great place to have a few drinks, enjoy cheese curds, and watch football, making every visit a memorable one.

The Sink: Boulder’s Student Favorite

The Sink in Boulder, Colorado, is a beloved student spot, renowned for its vibrant culture and rich history since 1923. Positioned near the University of Colorado, it offers an eclectic menu, including gourmet burgers and local craft beers, within an atmosphere filled with generations of graffiti. Embracing sustainability, The Sink attracts environmentally conscious students and has hosted celebrities, including President Obama. It’s more than a restaurant; it’s a memorable hub for students to relax and make lasting memories.

Each of these venues in Boulder offers a unique setting to enjoy football, from brewpubs and sports bars to more laid-back spots. Whether you’re in for the food, the game, or both, Boulder’s football viewing spots are sure to enhance your game day experience.