Fun Facts on Bloodhounds:

Life span: 10 – 12 years
Temperament: Stubborn, Even Tempered, Affectionate, Gentle
Height: Female: 23–25 inches (58–64 cm), Male: 25–27 inches (64–69 cm)
Colors: Liver & Tan, Black & Tan, Red
Weight: Female: 80–100 lbs (36–45 kg), Male: 90–110 lbs (41–50 kg)

The Bloodhound’s ancestors were created in medieval France to trail deer and boar. Today, this is a highly active and intelligent dog breed whose keen sense of smell has found them a special place in law enforcement and search and rescue. Their fans love them for their sweet nature and unique appearance.

This blood hound was thirsty waiting his turn in line for the water bucket at the dog park. (Photo: Joseph Wirth)