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Top 10 Boulder Athletes: Where the Olympics Are Just Another Workout!

Boulder is quite famous for athletes, famous athletes. they are competing in the Bolder Boulder, training for bicycle races, climbing cliffs, and more. Who are the top ten famous athletes in town? While this is one list, it is NOT without limitations. Should our own Dieon Sanders be on this list? Sure! What about Lance Armstrong, who is famous and infamous? While his wins are tarnished, he remains one of the world’s greatest cyclists. . The list goes on and on. BUT I had to pick TEN and not a thousand. Wikipedia LOVES these superstars!

So here is one version of the Top Ten Boulder Athletes!

Boulder, Colorado is home to many notable athletes due to its ideal training environment, including high altitude, a mild climate, and extensive outdoor facilities. Here are ten of the most famous athletes currently living or training in Boulder:

1. Emma Coburn: An Olympic steeplechase runner, Coburn has won multiple medals in international competitions and is a prominent figure in the track and field community.

2. Jenny Simpson:  A renowned middle-distance runner, Simpson has competed in several Olympics and holds a bronze medal in the 1500 meters from the 2016 Rio Olympics.

3. Brooke Raboutou:  A professional climber who competed in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Raboutou is well-known in the sport climbing community and now to the Boulder Community!

4. Mara Abbott: A former professional cyclist, Abbott was the first American to win the Giro Donne and has competed in the Olympics.

5. Erin Huck: A professional mountain biker, Huck has represented the USA in various international competitions, including the Olympics.

6. Shalaya Kipp: An Olympic steeplechase runner who has been a significant figure in track and field, particularly noted for her collegiate achievements at the University of Colorado

7. Frank Shorter: Though retired, Shorter is a legendary marathon runner who won gold in the 1972 Olympics and played a key role in establishing Boulder as a hub for endurance training.

8. Kara Goucher:  A former long-distance runner who has competed in the Olympics and is known for her achievements in marathons and track events.

9. Tim O’Donnell:  A professional triathlete who has had a successful career in Ironman competitions and is a frequent competitor in Boulder-based events.

10.Flora Duffy:  A triathlete who has won multiple World Championships and competed in several Olympics, Duffy is a well-known figure in Boulder’s triathlon community.

These athletes are drawn to Boulder for its supportive athletic community, advanced sports science facilities, and optimal training conditions.

Personally I did walk ALL of the isles in WalMart yesterday and was proud of my achievement. While not all of us can train and compete with these super-super stars, we CAN be inspired by them. Their winning attitude and training efforts trickle down to all of as in the Boulder Valley. This ranges from the array of sporting goods stores, including specialty shoe stores to specialty clothing stores. We can dress for cycling and running in about any weather. I walk outside or ride my adult tricycle when it is above 65° F, 18° C, calm and sunny. My idea of exotic preparation and clothing is simple: SUN SCREEN!!! While we might not beat these superstars in a race, we can learn the importance of movement and training to help us meet the everyday challenges of life. And I mean every one of those exclamation points. I’m tired of the skin doc keeping various parts of my face. If I get cosmetic surgery on my face I want to come out looking like and older Justin Beaver or perhaps Paul Newman. Not a Frankenstein effect. Use sunscreen. I like the one that works like a roll-on deodorant. I’ve read the 30 is the magic sunscreen number. Above that is not useful, possibly. Waterproof is essential. Remember EARS, back of your hands, and odd places like the wrist where a watch reflects sun, and cheek bones where sunglasses reflect sun. 

Speaking of sunglasses, they are a critical part of safety gear also. And speaking of bike helmets, they MUST be replaced every several years as the padding dries out, and MUST be replaced after a crash. They are designed to save our precious noggins. In Boulder, many are athletes, and MANY prize their noggins. While the stock market can survive more than one crash, our bike helmets cannot!

Notice how many time the word OLYMPICS appears! Imagine if we looked at the top one hundred and not just the top ten! 

Lenny Lensworth Frieling

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