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Boulder’s Top 10 Attractions: Revealing TripAdvisor’s Best Picks

Surrounded by the majestic Rocky Mountains, Boulder, Colorado, stands as a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and culture aficionados alike. According to TripAdvisor’s reviews, these top 10 attractions offer a glimpse into Boulder’s captivating blend of natural wonders and vibrant community life.

Boulder Pearl Street Mall, Colorado

From the iconic Flatirons and Eldorado Canyon’s scenic trails to the historic charm of Pearl Street Mall and the educational allure of the University of Colorado, each destination invites exploration and discovery. Whether you’re drawn to hiking, cultural landmarks, or simply soaking in the mountain views, Boulder promises a wealth of experiences that celebrate its unique spirit and breathtaking landscapes.

Boulder Colorado’s Top 10 Things to Do: TripAdvisor’s Top Attractions:

These rankings are informed by traveler reviews, considering the quality, quantity, recency, consistency of reviews, and the number of page views over time.

1. Colorado Chautauqua: Park

Category: Parks
Description: Enjoy engaging hikes through historic trails and rock formations at Colorado Chautauqua. This park offers panoramic views, including a lookout over downtown Boulder, and diverse trails suitable for hikers of all skill levels.

2. Flatirons

Category: Hiking Trails
Description: The Flatirons offer scenic trails winding through diverse landscapes. Hikers of all levels can enjoy a blend of challenge and tranquility while exploring striking geological formations and viewpoints.

3. Flagstaff Mountain

Category: Mountains
Description: Located close to downtown Boulder, Flagstaff Mountain features climbing and hiking trails with sweeping views of the city. It’s a popular spot for outdoor enthusiasts seeking beautiful vistas and outdoor activities.

4. Eldorado Canyon Trail

Category: Canyons
Description: Eldorado Canyon Trail offers stunning views and opportunities for hiking and exploring the canyon’s unique geological features. It’s known for its natural beauty and access to the Continental Divide.

5. University of Colorado at Boulder

Category: Educational Sites
Description: Explore the picturesque campus of the University of Colorado at Boulder, especially beautiful after the spring semester. Visitors can stroll through scenic grounds and enjoy the collegiate atmosphere.

6. Boulder Creek Path

Category: Biking Trails
Description: This 7.5-mile paved path winds from Boulder into the mountains, following Boulder Creek. It’s popular among walkers, bikers, and skaters, offering access to parks and scenic spots along the way.

7. Pearl Street Mall

Category: Points of Interest & Landmarks
Description: Located in historic Downtown Boulder, Pearl Street Mall spans four blocks and is a pedestrian-friendly area filled with shops, restaurants, galleries, and street performers. It’s a vibrant hub of activity in the city center.

8. National Center for Atmospheric Research – NCAR

Category: Science Museums
Description: Visit the NCAR, designed by I.M. Pei, to explore exhibits about weather, climate, and the atmosphere. It’s an educational experience with hands-on displays and stunning views from its location in Boulder.

9. Avery Brewing Company

Category: Breweries
Description: Avery Brewing Company offers a renowned craft beer experience in Boulder. Visitors can enjoy a variety of craft beers brewed on-site, along with tours and tastings in a relaxed brewery setting.

10. Mount Sanitas Trail

Category: Nature & Wildlife Areas
Description: Mount Sanitas Trail is a popular hiking spot offering stunning views of Boulder and the surrounding mountains. It’s known for its challenging trails and rewarding vistas, making it a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts.

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