This Friday afternoon the Hill area of Boulder was flocked by many Faces of Boulder. The About Boulder Photography team captured Bus to Show sending out twelve buses of people to the Big Gigantic concert at the famous Red Rocks Amphitheater.  For a show like Big Gigantic some unique faces came out bringing the Boulder energy to the Rocks.



These girls were super excited as they waited in line joking around with their friends as they waited to get on the Bus to Show. Photo: Travis Bildahl


Shiro Hatori reps his clothing line Dromas Apparel as he waits for the highly anticipated show. Photo: Travis Bildahl


Photo: Travis Bildahl


The fur coat is an essential piece of clothing when going to Red Rocks. Photo: Travis Bildahl

shaka bra resize

Photo: Joseph Wirth


jammin resizeIMG_2819

Local street musician performs as the crowds wait in line for the buses to load up.

Photo: Joseph Wirth and Travis Bildahl

Bus Girls resize

Photo: Joseph Wirth



Photo: Travis Bildahl


Photo: Travis Bildahl

Concert-goers stick their heads out the window with excitement to say bye to Boulder one last time before the buses took off for the beautiful Morrison, Colorado.


dj resize

One feature of Bus to Show is a live DJ with every ride to supply jams on your way to and from the venue. Photo: Joseph Wirth


“Everyone get on the Bus, we are off to Red Rocks” the Bus driver said as this Group poses for a last second photo before jumping on the bus. Photo: Travis Bildahl

Don’t worry if you didn’t make the show tonight. Big Gigantic is playing a two night set and will be at Red Rocks Saturday September 26’th if you want to catch the show. Take Bus to Show and enjoy a safe ride to Red Rocks.

That wraps it up for this post for Faces of Boulder. Who do you want to see as a Face of Boulder? Comment below and we may feature the face of your choice.