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Faces of Boulder – In the Wind Edition

In the “Faces of Boulder Wind Edition,” we capture the essence of Boulder, Colorado, during a time of extraordinary wind events that have swept across the region. These powerful gusts, more intense than the area’s usual brisk breezes, have not only sculpted the landscape but also the daily lives of its inhabitants. The series focuses on individuals, notably three women, whose resilience and spirit are emblemized through their engagement with the outdoor culture, even in the face of these formidable winds. As they stand against the backdrop of the iconic Flatirons, their attire whipped around by the relentless gusts, there’s a story of endurance, community, and the unexpected beauty found in nature’s challenges. This edition comes at a time when the winds have caused significant disruptions, including power outages, underscoring the community’s adaptability and the profound connection between Boulder’s residents and their natural environment.

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