In this captivating edition of Faces of Boulder, we shine the spotlight on a true hometown hero, Brian, whose indomitable spirit and entrepreneurial flair have woven an inspiring narrative within the vibrant tapestry of Boulder. A beloved figure in the community, Brian’s roots run deep in this picturesque city, where his unwavering commitment to local initiatives and businesses has made him a beacon of inspiration. Join us as we delve into Brian’s journey, exploring the pivotal moments that shaped his bond with Boulder and the innovative ventures that reflect his entrepreneurial passion. Through this interview, we uncover the essence of a hometown hero whose story resonates with the spirit of this remarkable community.

Have you been involved in any entrepreneurial or startup projects, and how do you believe that experience could positively impact our team, considering Boulder’s vibrant startup scene?

Opening in Boulder is coming full circle for me. Boulder’s September School was a home for me in high school when I didn’t fit the rigid mold of public education. Through my time at September School, I was introduced to the idea that being a creative and taking my own path was not only ok, but embraced. We took field trips through town meeting artists, scholars and small business owners. We took lunch at Snarfs when it was just a trailer on pearl, ate slices at Abo’s when it was just a shop on the hill and the mall.

The creative, independent and entrepreneurial spirit I was surrounded by in Boulder changed me forever. Just two years later after a few antsy semesters at CSU I took the leap and started Wing Shack. We leased a small restaurant in town called Garden City on the East side of Greeley, just blocks from the University of Northern Colorado. Scraping up just under 30k from friends, family and strangers I was able to get my little wing joint open in a shack on 8th Avenue. I poured my blood, sweat, tears and more hours than it would be worth counting into making the best wings possible. We made great wings, but we made even better friends. Through treating our team like family, and our guests and community like friends we built up something special. In 2006 we opened our second location, 2012 two more. Today we are lucky enough to be opening our 10th location back where the seed for doing things independently and creatively was planted.

Our tiny little take out wing joint off of 28th (across from Dot’s Diner) represents what passion and dedication to community can create. We might not be big, nor fancy, but we do what we do with love and could be more excited to call Boulder home.