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Hidden Treasure Chest With Riches Worth Over $1 Million Found in Rockies After 10-Year Hunt

Ten years ago, Forrest Fenn published a book and a website with clues that supposedly lead to a treasure in the Rockies worth well over $1 million, including pre-Columbian animal figures, gold nuggets and coins, Chinese jade faces, emerald rings and other exotic items.

This weekend, the treasure was finally found by a New Mexican treasure hunter who wishes to remain anonymous. Fenn stated that he did not know the man, but the man had contacted him with pictures of the chest to confirm. The chest was still in the same spot it had been for the last ten years, and the anonymous treasure hunter stated the poem in Fenn’s book led to the discovery.

Fenn estimated that about 350,000 people have looked for the treasure, and several have died in the process. Fenn’s website has been updated with an orange banner that reads “Forrest Fenn’s Treasure was Found in 2020- the chase is over.”

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