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How Local Businesses Can Optimize Customer Service With Tech Solutions?

How Local Businesses Can Optimize Customer Service With Tech Solutions - AboutBoulder.com

In the dynamic world of local business, customer service is everything, with each interaction capable of leading to a Yelp review, Facebook comment, or a personal recommendation that could either make or break your business.

Digital transformation and several other tech advances are an undeniable force in the modern SMB landscape, capable of enhancing customer experiences without breaking the bank. From AI chatbots, to custom apps for internal processes, let’s dive into the exciting world of small business tech solutions.

Leverage AI For Personalized Experiences

AI has already made a big splash in the small business community within just a few short years, and far from being the purview of large enterprises, artificial intelligence essentially levels the playing field in a number of areas.

Owing to the remarkable new advances in AI, the local hardware shop that struggles against the chain stores can now have an e-commerce website setup with a single line prompt. It can have a chatbot that answers customer queries 24 /7, without needing to hire a full-time rep to take on this work.

Personalization is key to surviving as a David in a market full of Goliaths, and for the first time, AI enables this at a scale that was never economically feasible before.

From remembering your customer’s preferences and recommending related products, to offering unique new customization options, there are truly endless possibilities in this regard. There are also plenty of niche-specific solutions that have come to the fore off-late, the likes of Briostack pest-control CRM.

Implement Training Programs Powered By VR/AR

Here’s where tech really shines, training your staff efficiently and effectively with virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR).

These technologies can simulate customer service scenarios or specific job tasks without the pressure of real-life consequences. Imagine a barista in training practicing latte art with VR before ever touching a coffee machine, ensuring that every cup served is Instagram-worthy.

Streamline Operations With Management Software

Positive customer experiences and interactions are often the product of remarkable efficiencies behind the scenes. A great management software that takes care of everything from inventory to scheduling with seamless precision can help achieve this level of efficiency.

In addition to reducing the workload of your staff and minimizing uncertainties, these tools ensure that the customer never has to hear, “Sorry, we’re out of that item”, or “I’ll Need to Check if we have that in stock.”

Solutions such as Square for retail or OpenTable for the restaurant industry help accomplish this, keeping everything chugging along like a well-oiled machine.

How Local Businesses Can Optimize Customer Service With Tech Solutions - AboutBoulder.com

Enhance Communication Through Social Media & Apps

Social media platforms and customized apps are invaluable for keeping in touch with your community. They’re perfect for announcing new products, special events, or promotions. Plus, apps can provide a direct line for feedback and support, building a community around your business.

A local gardening shop, for example, could develop an app that sends care reminders for plants that customers have purchased, or provide a platform for customers to ask questions about plant diseases or pest control.

If small businesses are being out-competed by bigger, and better-capitalized competitors, the key is in going the extra mile for customers. Do something that the large multi-billion dollar company can never dream of, that is providing a personalized service with care and empathy.

Foster Loyalty With Data-Driven Insights

Lastly, the backbone of optimizing customer service is understanding your customers. Tech solutions offer powerful data analysis tools that can track purchasing patterns, customer preferences, and even peak times.

With this data, businesses can tailor their marketing, stock their most popular products, and staff appropriately during busy times. Additionally, loyalty programs powered by technology can reward regular customers with discounts and special offers, encouraging repeat visits.

This is essentially SMBs encroaching into the realm of large enterprises because such offerings and features were previously only possible for large, well-capitalized companies. This is once again, tech helping level the playing field.


For local businesses, the road to excellent customer service is paved with technology. From AI to VR, the possibilities are expansive and exciting. Implementing these tech solutions not only streamlines operations and enhances customer interactions but also sets a business apart in a competitive market.

By embracing these innovations, local businesses can offer a level of service that rivals even the biggest chain, but with the personal touch that only a local shop can provide.

John Mali Director of Media Relations

Director of Media Relations at AboutBoulder.com


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