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How To Plan A Weekend In Boulder, CO: Top 8 Must-Dos

How To Plan A Weekend In Boulder, CO Top 8 Must-Dos - AboutBoulder.com

Boulder, Colorado, is a fantastic spot with mountains, good food, and cool things to do. Planning a weekend here? Here are some tips that’ll make your trip a blast.

8 Must-Dos When Planning A Weekend In Boulder, CO

1. Timing is Key

Boulder’s great any time, but spring and fall are the sweet spots. Less crowded, not too hot. Think September for awesome weather and golden leaves. It’s the perfect time to explore without bumping elbows with too many tourists.

Boulder can get snowy or rainy out of the blue, especially in spring and fall. Always check the weather before your trip and pack accordingly.

2. Stay Central

Book a place downtown or near Pearl Street Mall. You’ll be in the heart of Boulder, within walking distance of shops, food, and fun. It makes everything easier, and you’ll feel the city vibe right outside. If you decide to explore the surroundings, just search “car rental near me” and there you go!

Central Boulder can be pricier for accommodations. To save some bucks, book early or look for deals on rental sites.

3. Hit the Trails Early

Morning hikes beat the crowds and the heat. Places like Chautauqua Park get busy, so an early start means a quieter, cooler walk. Plus, watching the sunrise from the trail is really amazing.

If you’re hiking, know what to do if you encounter animals like bears or mountain lions (which is pretty unlikely but still). Also, remember that parking spots at popular trailheads fill up quickly.

4. Check Out the Farmers Market

If it’s Saturday, you gotta go to the Boulder Farmers Market. It’s where you meet locals and try fresh stuff. Get there early, grab breakfast, and enjoy it by the creek. It’s a Boulder thing.

Bring cash and reusable bags to the farmers market. Many vendors don’t take cards.

5. Brewery Tour Time

Boulder loves its craft beer. Explore the big names and try the smaller breweries like Finkel & Garf. They’ve got unique beers you won’t find anywhere else. A tour and tasting session in the afternoon should be just perfect.

Book brewery tours in advance, especially on weekends. Also, check if the brewery has food options or allows food trucks.

6. Catch a Show at Boulder Theater

Evening plans? Boulder Theater may be a nice pick. Music, comedy, you name it. It’s a cool, historic place with a great vibe. Definitely worth checking out for a night out.

Buy your tickets online in advance to secure your spot. Also, explore nearby bars or cafes to hang out before the show starts.

7. Bike Around

Boulder is bike-friendly. Renting one lets you see more and hit spots off the usual path. Plus, biking’s a fun way to feel like a local and get some fresh air.

Familiarize yourself with Boulder’s biking rules and the best routes. Some trails are multi-use, so be prepared to share the road with pedestrians and cars.

8. Explore the Food Scene

Don’t just stick to the main areas for food. Boulder’s full of surprises on the side streets. Try local ingredients like bison or trout. And don’t miss the farm-to-table spots. You’ll find lots of fresh tasty food here.

Some of the best eateries might require reservations. And remember, Boulder has a casual dining scene, so no need to dress up unless you’re going somewhere really fancy.

Final Thoughts

Boulder’s got a lot to offer for a weekend trip and these tips are your key to a great time. Avoid the tourist traps, get into the local scene, and enjoy everything this mountain town has to offer.

John Mali Director of Media Relations

Director of Media Relations at AboutBoulder.com


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