Boulder county residents beware–bears have come out of hibernation. The City of Boulder has issued a warning to residents warning them to be aware of potential danger, especially as the bear population has become more prevalent in Boulder, especially east of Broadway. The city has issued a few tips for Boulder residents to stay safe as summer approaches:

  • If you see a bear, stay calm. Don’t run – the bear may chase you.
  • Make yourself look large and back away. Give the bear room to leave.
  • Never throw food to distract a bear. This teaches the bear to approach people for food.
  • Bear-proof your backyard. Once a bear finds food, it will come back for more.
  • If you see a bear in your backyard, make lots of noise. Make sure the bear has a clear escape path.
  • Report sightings at 303-441-3440. Call 911 if it’s an emergency.

City officials also warned that trash and livestock may attract bears. If you have livestock, especially chickens, goats, or bees, officials say to ensure that they are in safe, protected areas. Residents also need to be aware of trash and ensure that lids on bins are closed tightly; bears that have access to food are more likely to linger in the area. If your bin is broken and needs replaced, officials say to contact your trash disposal service as soon as possible.

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