The Boulder Creek is currently flowing at a perfect level for inner tubing enthusiasts, and the summer temperatures only make it even more tempting to go relax in the fresh mountain water. A common problem many people have, however, is that not everyone owns an inner tube. Luckily, that’s not a problem today.

We’ve teamed up with Whitewater Tubing and we’re giving away TEN free inner tube rentals to ten lucky winners! These tubes aren’t just your standard black rubber tubes, either.
These state-of-the-art “super tubes” (see below) are 54 inches in diameter and are made of heavy duty material. Essentially, this is the inner tube equivalent of a tank.


In order to win one of these super tubes, you must take a picture according to any of the following guidelines:

-Take a picture of someone with a tube.

-Take a picture of someone on a tube.

-Take a picture of someone simply in the Boulder Creek.

-Take a picture of someone nearby Boulder Creek.

Once you have taken a picture, send it to The first ten people to submit their pictures will each receive a day-long super tube rental (a $17 value!). Sound good? Well, I’m not done yet.

The person who submits the most creative picture will also receive two additional inner tube rentals  for their friends, so you can enjoy a day of free tubing with your best pals!

In the spirit of pay-it-forward Friday, be sure to share this with anyone you know that has not already had the opportunity to tube down Boulder Creek. Tubing down Boulder Creek is one of Boulder‘s best summer experiences, and we’ve certainly got plenty of tubes to give away!

A popular place to begin tubing Boulder Creek is at Eben G. Fine Park, located at the western end of Arapahoe Avenue.

Now, go out and get some pictures. It’s time to go tubing!