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Surprising Benefits Of Creating ID Cards for Your Business

Surprising Benefits Of Creating ID Cards for Your Business - AboutBoulder.com

Small business owners probably don’t need to worry about identifying their employees. When you can count your staff on one hand, remembering names and faces is usually a breeze. However, it’s a little different when the number of employees reaches double digits.

Keeping track of who’s authorized to be on the floor and in other employee-restricted areas can be a little more difficult, which is exactly when you may want to create your own ID card. Along with making it easier to recognize authorized personnel, creating ID cards comes with a few other benefits.

Saves Time and Money

Regardless of the size of your business, sometimes it just makes sense to have ID badges for your employees. Yes, you can have staff fill out forms, pose for headshots, and send the paperwork off to a custom print shop.

While this sounds pretty easy, don’t forget you’re trying to get all of your employees to fill out and return the forms. Even if the form is only asking for the employee’s name and position, getting the paperwork back is rarely easy. Some employees will forget to turn the forms in, others may need some prodding just to fill out a couple of fields. By the time you get everything back, you may have given up on the idea of creating employee IDs.

There’s also the cost to consider because while employee IDs aren’t too expensive, they can eat into your operating budget. You also need to factor in the cost of replacement badges as the originals wear out or become lost.

A faster and cheaper solution is to download software that lets you create unique IDs using a simple PDF form to get started. This way, you can create IDs as needed, even for employees who seem to be constantly losing their IDs.

Great for Events

Does your business throw events throughout the year? Even if it’s only one annual event, IDs can come in handy. Yes, IDs make it easy to separate employees from invited guests. After all, you don’t want to mistakenly send a guest on an errand thinking they’re an employee.

IDs, whether pinned to the front of a shirt or worn on a lanyard, help ensure you and everyone else can tell the difference between event staff and attendees.

Since you have the ID creating software ready to go, you can even create badges for your guests. This works especially well if your event is invitation-only. Simply print out the IDs before the event. As each attendee checks, hand them a badge. This way, your attendees can also easily come and go without getting stopped every time they come back in.

Simple to Use

Creating your own business IDs doesn’t have to be a hassle—all you need to have on hand is the software to make it and a printer, and the decision to attach a photo to the ID is up to you. The software makes it easy to add either a photo or a custom logo.

With the ability to create IDs using a PDF form, you always know who is at your event or wandering around an employee-only area.

John Mali Director of Media Relations

Director of Media Relations at AboutBoulder.com


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