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The Ultimate Guide to Securing Wimbledon Tennis Tickets

The Ultimate Guide to Securing Wimbledon Tennis Tickets - AboutBoulder.com

As the world’s oldest and most prestigious tennis tournament, Wimbledon captures imaginations far beyond sports fans alone. From strawberries and cream to royal appearances in the Royal Box to traditions like rules mandating players wear all white, few worldwide events parallel its enduring legacy since 1877.

For millions, attending matches on Wimbledon’s hallowed grass courts in person represents a dream pilgrimage. But overwhelming demand generating 300,000 ticket requests yearly means securing seats involves special efforts for all but the ultra well-connected. This guide shares insider techniques for navigating the ticket ballot, queues, and authorized resale platforms optimizing anyone’s odds of witnessing tennis history firsthand.

Understanding the Wimbledon Ticketing Process

To navigate the maze of options for procuring Wimbledon tickets, you first need to understand the various sales channels and methods. Tickets are primarily obtained through:

  • The Public Ballot
  • The Queue
  • Ticketmaster
  • Hospitality Packages
  • Ticket Resale Sites


Each avenue has its procedures and timetables to be aware of when plotting your Wimbledon ticket strategy.

The Public Ballot

The most common way to get Wimbledon tickets is by applying through the public ballot conducted each autumn. This online lottery is your chance to purchase tickets directly from the Lawn Tennis Association. Anyone can register and specify which courts, ticket types, and dates they want to enter the random drawing for. Sign up annually in late August when registration opens, as previous years’ entries have no bearing on selection. Build your odds by maximizing choices. If selected, you’ll be notified in December and can book one of the payment plan options. While success isn’t guaranteed, joining the ballot requires minimal effort and offers face-value ticket access.

The Queue

The famous Queue has been a Wimbledon tradition since 1907. It involves lining up, often overnight, at the grounds in hopes of purchasing same-day tickets. Around 500 tickets for Centre Court and No.1 Court are sold each morning through the Queue, first-come-first-served. Fans start queuing as early as 6 pm the prior night! Tickets for unreserved seating on lesser courts may also be available. Come prepared with all the required camping equipment. While joining the Queue is no easy feat, it provides diehard fans an outlet for getting scarce Centre Court seats. Consult the official Wimbledon website for full Queue guidelines.


Any tickets remaining after the ballot and debentures go on sale to the general public through Ticketmaster in springtime. These limited tickets sell out almost instantly. Mark the Ticketmaster sale start date in your calendar and be ready right at the opening time with your Ticketmaster account already logged in. Have a backup date and court options ready too. Acting within seconds is key. While snagging tickets is unlikely, it’s worth a shot for the deeply discounted prices compared to resale.

Hospitality Packages

Securing guaranteed entry to Wimbledon can come with a hefty price tag. Hospitality packages include premium tickets bundled with extras like fine dining, an open bar, celebrity chef tastings, a private lounge, parking, and more. Packages often run into the thousands of pounds but provide a luxury experience. Providers like Sportsworld, Quintessentially, and Keith Prowse have official allocations. Book well in advance as these sell out a year or more pre-tournament. For a truly pampered Wimbledon, hospitality packages are the way to go.

Ticket Resale Websites

If you strike out on initial ticket sales, turn to trusted resale sites like https://www.wimbledontennistickets.co.uk to secure seats from other fans. You will pay above face value but have access to a larger inventory. Move fast on listings and vet sellers for authenticity. Sort by the court to identify the best available seats. While pricier, using a reliable resale site often represents your best shot at tickets after the initial scramble.

Understanding the Wimbledon Ticketing Process - AboutBoulder.com

Choosing Your Wimbledon Experience

Wimbledon offers a wide variety of ticket experiences once you are ready to make your purchases. The key is choosing the right tickets for your budget and preferences.

Ground Passes

Ground passes grant access to the smaller outer courts and grounds. They offer a reasonably priced way to soak in the Wimbledon atmosphere. With a grounds pass you can watch matches on the outer courts, grab a Pimms cocktail or strawberries and cream, and tour the Wimbledon grounds. But access to Centre Court or No. 1 Court is not included. If seeing top stars on the main courts matters, upgrade to reserved seating.

Centre Court Tickets

Centre Court is the crown jewel of Wimbledon venues, hosting the finals and many top matches. Centre Court ticket holders have reserved seating in the stands to watch the action. Prices are highest for Centre Court, but seeing the grass that has hosted Federer, Serena, Borg and more tennis greats is unforgettable. Centre Court tickets sell out instantly each year.

1 Court Tickets

No. 1 Court is the second show court at Wimbledon with substantial reserved seating. It hosts major stars and matches during the first week. While tickets are pricey, No. 1 Court boasts great views and more availability than the Centre. Opting for No. 1 Court over outer grounds passes grants you access to elite players within an iconic Wimbledon setting.

Other Show Court Tickets

Wimbledon has several other show courts that host top-tier matches in the early rounds like No. 2 Court and No.3 Court. These can offer easier ticket access compared to Centre and No. 1 while still letting you see tennis’ biggest names up close. Show court ticket prices vary based on their prestige and proximity to the main courts.

Choosing Your Wimbledon Experience - AboutBoulder.com

Tips for Making the Most of Your Wimbledon Experience

Once you secure tickets, use these tips to maximize your time at the All England Club:

Dress Code

Comply with Wimbledon’s strict all-white dress code for spectators. Leave designer denim, flashy prints, or colors at home. Ladies should wear a dress, skirt, or pants paired with a nice top. Gentlemen require a collared shirt, full-length pants or shorts, and a jacket if possible.

Arrive Early

Give yourself ample time to clear security, which can take 30+ minutes at peak times, and enjoy the grounds. Gates open at 10:30 am, so arrive then to wander smaller courts without matches yet underway.

Explore the Grounds

Don’t just sit at your assigned court all day. Wimbledon’s lush grounds beg to be explored with gorgeous floral displays, lawn sculptures, and more. Stop at the Wimbledon Shop for souvenirs.

Follow Multiple Matches

If your ticket grants grounds access, follow the live scores on the app to catch thrilling action at multiple courts throughout the day. Centre Court has a retractable roof allowing play even in rain.

Sample the Fare

Taste Wimbledon traditions with the iconic strawberries and cream, a Pimms cocktail, a glass of champagne, or British staples like tea, sandwiches, and scones. Finish with a celebratory chocolate torte if a favorite player wins!

Soak in the Atmosphere

The feeling of being at Wimbledon is part of the magic. Snap photos, cheer alongside fellow fans, enjoy pre-match military marches, and soak in the spirited ambiance.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I start planning for Wimbledon tickets?

Ideally 12+ months in advance. Hospitality packages, travel, and hotels are booked very early. Sign up for Ticketmaster or ballot email reminders so you don’t miss key dates.

What is the average price for Wimbledon tickets?

Between £100-£250 on average, but Centre Court finals tickets can exceed £1,500+

How early should I arrive?

Gates open at 10:30 am daily but lines start forming 2-3 hours prior. Allow extra time on opening day and finals weekend.

Can I take in outside food and drinks?

No outside food or drinks are permitted, but you can bring an empty water bottle to refill once inside. Cash and cards are accepted onsite.

What are the queueing rules?

Consult the Wimbledon website for full queue guidelines on arrival times, necessary equipment like tents, and prohibited items before joining.


Attending the world-famous Wimbledon Tennis Tournament is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many tennis devotees. While highly coveted, tickets can be obtained through proper planning, understanding the various sales avenues, timing applications and purchases strategically, and utilizing trustworthy resale platforms. With tickets in hand, preparing ahead of time, arriving early, exploring the grounds, and soaking in the electrifying atmosphere will ensure you fully cherish your day at Wimbledon. Follow these tips and enjoy watching history unfold on the prestigious grass courts this year!

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Director of Media Relations at AboutBoulder.com


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