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Things to Consider When Replacing Windows in Old Homes

Things to Consider When Replacing Windows in Old Homes - AboutBoulder.com

Window replacement can be an excellent way to update and modernize an older home, making it more aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and energy efficient. But this process must be approached carefully in order to achieve success.

Historic houses often boast distinct architectural styles that dictate which windows work best with them, making a window company that specializes in old home restoration an invaluable resource for selecting windows to complement and preserve the character of such historic properties.

Choose the Right Materials

If your old windows have reached beyond repair and you are considering replacement options, select materials that blend seamlessly into the style and energy efficiency of your home while remaining modern. Local governments typically have regulations about which window frames may be used in historic districts – to avoid potential fines check with your township or municipality before purchasing anything new for historic districts such as divided lites or decorative hardware to preserve their historical aesthetic.

Many old wood windows were constructed using durable, long-term materials that make them suitable for restoration or window replacement, often at reduced costs than their counterparts from new manufacture. It may even be more cost-effective to restore them rather than replace them – for instance if your sashes of your older windows have become stuck or rattle, you could save them by having the wood sashes replaced and repaired while also fixing broken locks and adding weather stripping around their opening for improved air sealing.

Take note of your old window openings not fitting today’s standard sizes; this could necessitate widening or narrowing them, which could alter the aesthetics and character of your old home significantly. Therefore, selecting a window company with custom options tailored specifically towards older homes allows you to find windows that blend in seamlessly without making major structural modifications to match its architecture.

Look for Energy-Efficient Options

Old single pane windows may not do an effective job of keeping your home warm and energy efficient, which is why replacing them with energy-efficient double pane windows will greatly enhance energy savings in your home while keeping you more comfortable year-round.

When purchasing replacement windows, be sure to opt for those with low U-factors and solar heat gain coefficients (SHGC). These features will help lower energy costs; additionally, check ENERGY STAR label to find out more information on their performance.

As you search for replacement windows, be sure to select styles that complement the style of your original house. It isn’t just aesthetics – making sure they fit properly is also crucial so as to avoid unnecessary maintenance costs later.

As you shop, reach out to your local historic preservation committee for advice about which types of windows would best complement your home. By choosing appropriate materials and styles, choosing windows that will preserve its history while giving it a modern aesthetic will add value to your property. Talk with your contractor about which options may work for your specific property as they can provide guidance on how best to care for and maintain them to make them last longer.

Select a Contractor with Experience and Competitive Deals

An expensive window replacement project can quickly escalate, sо it’s crucial that you select a reliable contractor who offers competitive window replacement deals. Here’s how tо find the right fit:

  • Request references and visit jobsites: See the quality оf their work firsthand.
  • Ensure warranties and coverage: Look for warranties оn windows and comprehensive liability and worker’s compensation coverage.
  • Custom window expertise: Old homes often have unique window sizes. Reliable contractors will specialize іn custom window options tо avoid leaks and maintain your home’s historic character, while still offering competitive window replacement deals. This ensures a perfect fit and avoids compromising the aesthetics оf your historic property.
  • Local building code knowledge: They should be familiar with local building codes and permits tо ensure a smooth project.
  • Established reputation: Look for contractors with a history оf success іn replacing windows іn historic homes.

Things to Consider When Replacing Windows in Old Homes - AboutBoulder

Maintain Your New Windows

Replacement windows in older homes may seem daunting, but it can also be seen as an investment that will increase property values and protect its value. New windows will help lower energy bills, provide comfort in all climates, prevent moisture build-up which leads to mold growth and structural damage, and save on energy bills overall.

However, to maximize the benefits of your upgrade you’ll need to select an ideal type of window replacement. Stock windows won’t do as they require custom frames that meet existing home styles – and cost can become an issue since these need to be custom-made specifically to your architecture and aesthetic requirements.

Standard replacement windows may not fit seamlessly into your existing frame, leaving gaps between it and the wall that allow cold air to seep in and warm air to escape, leading to energy inefficiency.

Therefore, it’s essential that you hire a professional window contractor with experience in historic home restoration. Such contractors can recommend the ideal replacement window that best meets the needs and style of your home, as well as offer cleaning techniques designed to protect it against weather damage, wear-and-tear, or other issues that might develop over time.

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