Leonard Lensworth Frieling, one of our most popular photographers, is also writing blogs focused on the most important criminal law topics.

Some arrest and general criminal law questions face so many of our client. We’ll address the most important.

“What do I do when a police officer calls?” “What do I do when I’m pulled over by a LEO Law Enforcement Officer?” While the blogs are the beginning and not the end, they address questions which come up so often that it makes sense to share some of this most important information. “How do I locate the best lawyer for my case?” “When do I need a lawyer?” With almost 50 years experience in courtrooms and with criminal defense, Lenny Lensworth Frieling is especially suited to help you understand the new world  in which you’ve found yourself. As Sr. Counsel to Dolan+Zimmerman, he’s based in Boulder, Colorado, and has a STRONG team working with him.

These are examples of typical questions which can keep you awake at night. We want to help you sleep well!

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Accurate, general information

While we cannot and do not intend to give legal advice, we can discuss common topics. for example, while we can’t tell you how to handle a bond setting court appearance, we can explain the types of bonds. We can explain what a bail bondsman is, and we can discuss when you might want to work with a bondsman. We can’t tell you what to say in court, who to bring with you, or anything case-specific to your situation. BUT if you have some familiarity with the vocabulary we lawyers and judges use, you’ll be in a better position to work with your lawyer. You’ll understand more of what they are telling you. You’ll be able to ask better, more pertinent questions of your lawyer. You will sleep better.

For decades I’ve taught and believe that shared knowledge is power. This series of blogs is focused on sharing knowledge to help you navigate your criminal legal situation, help you work with your lawyer, and to take some of the mystery out of the process. For example, a “preliminary hearing” means the same thing in different cases. Explaining what a preliminary hearing is, while not giving you legal advice, IS a huge assist in understanding what is going on, what the stages of a case mean, and what the vocabulary of the law is. To order from the menu in a French Restaurant, it helps to first study French pronunciation.  Knowing a few keywords in French also helps. Words like “fish,” “pork,” “croissant” and “coffee” might be a good start. 

For law language, words like “bond,” “preliminary hearing,” and “deputy district attorney” will come up in many cases. Even when those words are not an issue in your case, knowing what they mean is still useful. And you’ll sleep better!

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