Unwinding in Nature's Oasis: Exploring the Top Hot Springs near Boulder, Colorado

Discover the Top Five Hot Springs Near Boulder, CO

Boulder, Colorado, known for its stunning natural beauty and outdoor activities, also serves as a gateway to some of the most serene and rejuvenating hot springs in the state.

Below are the five closest hot springs to Boulder, each offering a unique experience to unwind and soak in mineral-rich waters amidst picturesque settings. These destinations are ranked based on their popularity and the richness of their offerings, as detailed by local reviews and amenities provided.

1. Indian Hot Springs (39 Miles from Boulder)

A full-service resort located in Idaho Springs, offering a variety of soaking options including a large main pool under a dome, private indoor and outdoor tubs, and unique geothermal caves for a more secluded experience. The resort is praised for its extensive thermal pool complex and additional amenities like a spa, dining lounge, and lodging options. It’s a favorite for its diverse soaking environments and the therapeutic qualities of its mineral waters​​​​.

2. SunWater Spa (102 Miles from Boulder)

Located in Manitou Springs, SunWater Spa offers a luxurious retreat with seven outdoor cedar mineral tubs fed by the Seven Minute Springs. The spa provides a range of therapeutic soaks and wellness classes, including yoga and meditation, making it a perfect escape for those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation. Its setting and high-quality spa treatments add to its popularity among visitors​​.

3. Hot Sulphur Springs Resort (103.2 Miles from Boulder)

Nestled in a scenic mountain community, this resort features 15 man-made mineral pools with temperatures ranging from 98 to 112 degrees Fahrenheit. The Hot Sulphur Springs Resort is well-regarded for its beautiful outdoor settings and the luxury experience it offers, including a large indoor cold-water pool and accommodations surrounded by breathtaking landscapes​​.

4. Glenwood Hot Springs Resort (168 Miles from Boulder)

Known for its historical significance and as a favorite among locals, Glenwood Hot Springs Resort boasts the world’s largest hot springs pool. The resort offers a mix of relaxation and adventure with amenities like a therapy pool, a kid’s area, and a spa. Its location and the variety of activities available, including white water rafting and hiking, make it a must-visit destination​​.

5. Iron Mountain Hot Springs (170 Miles from Boulder)

Situated on the edge of the Colorado River in Glenwood Springs, Iron Mountain Hot Springs stands out with its 32 small, spring-fed pools set in a natural landscape. It offers a blend of family-friendly and adults-only pools, with waters mimicking famous hot springs worldwide. Its unique approach to recreating international soaking experiences and first-class accommodations contribute to its popularity

These hot springs destinations near Boulder, CO, offer a range of experiences, from rustic and intimate to full-service resorts with a plethora of amenities. Whether you’re looking for a quick day trip or an extended getaway, these hot springs provide the perfect backdrop for relaxation and connection with nature.

Unwinding in Nature's Oasis: Exploring the Top Hot Springs near Boulder, Colorado