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Why Are So Many Professional Athletes Seen In Boulder?

Why are so many professional athletes seen in Boulder? - AboutBoulder.com

Boulder, Colorado is a popular go-to city for athletes who love to improve their performance and test their limits. The beautiful terrain, mild climate, and outstanding training facilities have made the city an ideal destination. Boulder’s reputation for endurance sports gives it a cutting edge over most cities around the world.

As much as athletes work hard, they love gaming for real money in Boulder. The city is a haven for a great casino experience. There are several fascinating casinos to explore for big-time and casual gamers. Across the states, online platforms such as WynnBET Casino have brought classic games into the digital realm. In Boulder, players can experience games such as roulette live.

There is more for everyone in Boulder. This article explores why famous professional athletes are seen in the city.

Why are so many famous professional athletes seen in Boulder? - AboutBoulder.com

Natural Experience

Boulder, Colorado is 5,430 feet above sea level. Athletes believe it is a great space to work on their mental sharpness as it helps their body transport oxygen better. Less oxygen at high altitudes means the body will have to increase red blood cells and this increases oxygen supplied to the muscles when training. The majestic 3,500 acres of open space make Boulder an ideal destination for cyclists, runners and skaters.

Current president of the Triathlon, Barry Siff, is among those to have enjoyed Boulder. In the book he co-authored on adventure racing, his Boulder experiences shaped his training and fitness levels. He was into marathons for 35 years, triathlons for 30 years and adventure racing for six years.

A common fun fact for people around Boulder is that the sun shines for 300 days, which keeps the athletes coming to the city for outdoor training. The natural experience of this little piece of Colorado is simply euphoric.

Healthy Restaurants

When athletes are not training, they are doing their best to stay fit by eating healthy food at the restaurant. Runners, cyclists, skaters and other athletes are always particular about healthy food and the city understands this. There are numerous bike shops and restaurants in Boulder that specialize in making food using healthy ingredients for their breakfast, lunch and dinner deliveries.

Professional athletes value the variety of healthy recipes available in Boulder. Whether Latin foods or vegetables, the city also offers casual bites for lovers of fast food.

Fun Places

This is quite a thrill for newcomer athletes! A walk through the Pearl Street supermall is a potpourri of beautiful reflections. It is home to creatives and buskers, shops, restaurants and more. Boulder is carefully structured to make people bring others in through their experiences.

The Boulder Theater and museums are examples of scenery that make tourists, travelers and professional athletes tale their experiences in vlogs and personal blogs.

Gaming Experience

Boulder is a magnificent place for casinos and proper gambling. The University of Colorado managed to chip the idea of responsible gaming into its students and athletes.

Although professional athletes are often restricted from gaming, Boulder gives them the experience of seeing it happen in casinos over a drink or food. Several full-blown casinos enable players to take a spin in the city.

Top coaches and quality education for athletes

In the 80s, Daniel Gesmer was regarded as an innovative artist for extreme skating. He has made a name for himself in the industry by inventing several types of moves and skateboards. The quality of ideas and programs from coaches and people like Daniel Gesmer has drawn the attention of other athletes to Boulder.

More than ten athletes coming from the University of Colorado in Boulder have tried their luck at the Olympics. The track and field are world-class! Mark Wetmore, head coach for more than 23 seasons in the school, has helped raise track and field stars like Jennifer Simpson and Olympic hopefuls like Goucher Kara and Emma Coburn.


Apart from the training space, the mental toughness program, and University courses like Locomotion laboratory that help students to understand steeplechase biomechanics, Boulder, Colorado raises the bar for ambitious athletes, with super coaches like Mark around to train up talent. And it’s is a haven of fun for casino lovers and nature lovers too.

John Mali Director of Media Relations

Director of Media Relations at AboutBoulder.com


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