Friday - May 24, 2024

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Boulder Mall After a Snow

March 15th, 2024

  Boulderites are not afraid of the weather. After all, it only means we have to dress differently. As soon as the snow stop, the sun comes out and so to the Boulderites.  There are two temperatures in the winter. One, we call “warm.” It is over 35 deg F., 1 deg C, calm and sunny. Then there is cold. If we lose the sun or the calm, it is cold. Temperature does not matter much. Lenny Lensworth Frieling Shared Knowledge is Power!  Read More

Boulderite? Top Ten Hump Day “Tells” to Identify True Boulderites

January 3rd, 2024

  The Most Famous Boulder Flatirons; an Iconic Boulder View and Signature Image Top Ten Ways to Tell You’re a Boulderite on Hump Day: 1. You know it’s Wednesday when your morning jog includes more wildlife than people. Only in Boulder will a third of the morning animal spotting include protected species who have also made Boulder their home. Gray Rhinoceros Parent and Offspring    2. You’ve seriously considered replacing your office chair with a yoga ball… or already have. Or you’re going to McGuckins to look for a new one to replace your previous one. 3.... Read More