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Boulder Friday Sunrise Is Special at Least Six Ways!

A Friday Sunrise should be special. Here in Boulder, every sunrise is special, and some more so than others. There is something about Fridays that is always cool. Sitting as were are, cradled in the arms of the Rocky Mountains, Boulder is renowned for its captivating natural beauty. The drama of sunrise is exceptionally prominent […]

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Four Tips for Staying Up When the Weather Gets You Down

It’s more than just a song lyric—rainy days really can get you down! Weather has a definite effect on our emotions. About 9 percent of people fall into a “rain haters” category, a group that feels angrier and less happy on days with more precipitation.  When it’s dark and dreary, some of us are more […]

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Time to Feel Better: 5 Easy Circadian Rhythm Reset Secrets

Do you continuously wake up at 5AM and feel thoroughly rested—officially ready to start your day? If you do, it’s likely that you’ve established strong sleep-wake routines that keep your circadian rhythm(s) in check. For those that answered a firm no, it might be time to reconsider switching up or completely replacing some of your […]

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Sleep Care Is the New Self Care

While at work a few weeks back, some of my co-workers and I talked about the pesky cold that seems to be going around as some of the COVID-19 restrictions have lifted.  We all mutually didn’t feel so hot, and it started to become apparent that something was spreading. All of us could name at […]

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