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Latest Snow & Ice Removal Updates from City of Boulder

November 17th, 2022

City snow crews remove 52 percent of streets and 100 percent of multi-use paths on a regular basis, with the University of Colorado and other entities removing portions of the path system as well. Emergency access routes, main arterial streets, and access to hospitals, schools, transit, and key infrastructure, as well as steeply sloping neighborhood streets, are all prioritized by the city. _____________ City of Boulder Facebook page for Current Updates.  City of Boulder, Colorado Snow & Ice removal Website.   Photo Credit: City of Boulder  Read More

A Short Cold Weather Hike in Boulder

May 21st, 2022

  If you have time before work or maybe on the weekend this season you might choose to take a stroll, run, or ride on the Old Kiln trail in Boulder. These pictures were taken this past weekend, in pre-snow conditions.   Fourmile Creek Trailhead, managed by City of Boulder OSMP, is located in North Boulder on Lee Hill Dr near Broadway. Other than the Old Kiln trail, the trailhead supports the Foothills trail and is very close to Wonderland Lake. There are few trees among the tall amber waves of grain and grasses that cover the hill sides, making this a warm hike on a sunny but frozen... Read More