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Faces of Boulder: Boulder Climbing Edition

Boulder, Colorado, is renowned for its exceptional climbing spots, earning a reputation as one of the best climbing destinations in the world. The city’s unique geological features, stunning natural beauty, and vibrant climbing community make it an unparalleled place for climbers of all levels. Among Boulder’s many climbing areas, Eldorado Springs and Boulder Canyon stand […]

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Faces of Boulder: Eldorado Springs Edition

Nestled just a few miles south of Boulder, Eldorado Springs is a hidden gem that captures the spirit of adventure and natural beauty that defines Colorado. This small community, often overlooked by travelers in favor of more prominent destinations, boasts one of the world’s premier rock climbing areas, a rich history, and breathtaking surroundings that […]

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Faces of Boulder – Pic of the Day!

  Faces of Boulder: Climbers’ Ascent on the Flatirons In Boulder, Colorado, climbers tackle the Flatirons, their efforts a testament to the city’s love for adventure and the great outdoors. Against a stunning backdrop, each climber’s journey up the rugged terrain embodies Boulder’s spirit, merging human determination with nature’s challenge. This moment captures the essence […]

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person in orange jacket and blue pants standing on rocky hill during daytime

Boulder’s Favorite Pastime: Type 2 Fun

Have you ever done something that was hard, uncomfortable, or even painful in the moment, but rewarding and satisfying after? If you live in Boulder, you probably have. You might even be that person who wakes up before dawn to engage in some epic all-day (and sometimes all-night) climbing, skiing, running, or cycling adventure. You […]

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Steps to Summit Your First 14er

When you look out over the mountain peaks that make Colorado one of the most beautiful places to live in the country, you may see certain summits that tower over the others, snowcapped even late into the summer. Many of these are known as 14ers, and their height reaches over 14,000 feet above sea level. […]

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Bouldering in Boulder?? — You know it’s gotta be good

The history of rock climbing and bouldering had its genesis with mountaineering and alpinism in the late 18th century, although climbing rocks had been a feat accomplished long before. In the 14th century, a Native American tribe called the Anasazi drilled holes and carved stairs into rock cliffs in Chaco Canyon, but it wasn’t until […]

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