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Transforming Business, Society and Self

July 24th, 2020

Want to build your capacity to actualize a new future for yourself and the world? That’s the purpose of the U.Lab transformational leadership course launching this month at the Boulder Impact Hub as described in this video by course-leader C. Otto Scharmer:  The first U.Lab started last January engaging 30,000 people from 190 countries– with practice groups sprouting up around the world helping to grow a locally rooted, globally connected community of change-makers. The Boulder Impact Hub is hosting U.Lab groups for this round offering additional coaching and group support. Come check... Read More

Faces of Boulder – Pic of the Day

January 13th, 2016

Rob Levy moved with his wife and two young children to Boulder just over four years ago from New York.  Like so many transplants, he was drawn to Boulder’s nature and easy living. He says that they wanted to shift their lifestyle from concrete to grass. From skyscrapers to mountains. Coming to Boulder gave Rob the freedom to expand. He says, “There’s something very beautiful about a restart in life. In NY, I was involved in coaching and I owned a high end woodworking company. The outdoor activities were few and far between. I felt like life was passing me by.” Fast forward and his days... Read More

Beginning Triathlon, What to Spend Your Money On Part 1: Swim

November 10th, 2014

Triathlon is a very expensive sport. Between the equipment, race fees, coaching, and gym/pool memberships the cost of everything can really start to add up. As a former employee of Tribe Multisport in Scottsdale, AZ I often got asked my opinion for what to buy for a beginner. Also, as my friends began the sport, they would ask me for the same advice. In this 3-part blog spread out over 3 weeks I will give my opinion on how to best spend your money if you are looking to get into the sport. For this week I will focus on the first part of most triathlons. Swimming is fairly basic as far as sports... Read More