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Why Boulderites Do NOT Shovel Snow After Age 45

January 13th, 2024
Alaskan Malamute Playing in Deep Snow

In Boulder, we know that shoveling snow is potentially dangerous. Is that a tale or reality? It is REALITY! The “normal” list of dangers leaves out one oddball fact adding to the danger of shoveling snow. With luck, the system hitting us now will be mainly cold without the bonus of snow. The winter is YOUNG and snow is quite likely in the near future, and for a couple of month after that. The physical position of shoveling forces the lungs to collapse part way. So to add to the other problems, our lungs are not being fulling utilized. Here’s why alternatives to shoveling snow... Read More

Are You Dehydrated?

December 11th, 2023

Mild dehydration can have adverse effects on mood and energy. Sometimes the signs of dehydration are less obvious than thirst and fatigue. Dehydration can be caused by hot, humid weather which increases sweat and fluid loss, but dry heat is actually more harmful. Certain medications, such as diuretics and some blood pressure medications, also can lead to dehydration, generally because they cause you to urinate more. There are some subtle signs of dehydration that can save you the headache – literally and figuratively – of dehydration. Your breath and skin may be telling you you’re running... Read More

The Most Effective Beauty Product Ever Is Already In Your Home

September 25th, 2023

Truly. Assuming your home is in the first world, which, if you’re spending your free time cruising internet beauty blogs, I think I can safely assume you’re not in extremis, you already have the greatest beauty product ever right there at home: water. Most folks don’t drink nearly enough water. Coloradans probably skew the average with our ever present sport bottles, but even then we’re probably not consuming as much as we should. I may just be speaking for myself. I’ll be honest. In the past, not drinking water was a deliberate time management strategy for me. When I went... Read More