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Chews Wisely

May 2nd, 2017

Forgive me weedfather, for I got really baked this week. It has been seven days since my last cannabis confession and since then I have smoked an ounce of weed, dabbed more than a few times, and have been sampling edibles like a tourist for the first time. I have been looking to rid myself of the my post-420 hangover. I realize it has been almost two weeks since April 20th but the annual holiday put a hurting on me and I have been out of it ever since. It is like I am stuck in a hazy fog and I cannot shake it off. I feel like so much time and energy was spent building up to that specific day that... Read More

Edible Marijuana: No Two Cookies Are The Same

November 12th, 2014

“Well, I don’t want to smoke anything. I’d rather just eat…” the woman pauses, searches the cooler, and points, “that cookie!” I truly admire when people are comfortable saying yes or no to products in a dispensary. It’s all about finding the right fit. However, when “that cookie!” has 65 milligrams of THC, the experience of shopping for marijuana becomes, well, more of a lesson. The horror stories you hear on the news sprout from consumers who weren’t educated on the product they purchased or did not listen to the advice they were given. Edibles are awesome, you just... Read More