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Featured Artist: Envy Alo

April 22nd, 2016

  Last Friday, I went to see local prog-funk trio Envy Alo at the Boulder House (right next to the Rio), which was once Absinthe House. Throughout the show, I couldn’t help but scrawl names of the artists that I love, whose influence I heard in Envy Alo. I heard a little bit of the Soft Machine, some Pink Floyd layered with bluesy vocals, threads of Surrealistic Pillow, and even a little early Radiohead in there somewhere. What is really striking is the fact that there’s almost a wall of sound effect, yet it comes from only 3 musicians. Envy Alo is Kevin Hinder on guitar, Aaron... Read More

Welcome Back to the Renaissance

November 21st, 2014

Hello AboutBoulder readers, I’ve been thinking about writing about a topic I’m pretty interested and involved in, so I decided tonight’s post would be on said topic. It is longer than normal, and may have some mature themes in the post, but I am hoping you all enjoy it, and if not at the very least get a new perspective you may have never heard before. Without further ado, it is time for the commencement of what is undoubtedly my biggest passion, Hip Hop. It may not seem like it, but we are honestly in the midst of a Hip Hop Renaissance, version two point zero. Welcome to another... Read More