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Boulder Blooms Bright With Sunrise Surprise Setting the Stage for Spring

February 24th, 2024

  A Boulder morning, inspired  by Vincent Van Gogh’s style, this picture is a celebration of today’s sunrise, with the anticipated harbinger of springtime warmth and the anticipation of explosions of growth and colors of Spring, Gaze, smile, and enjoy!  Read More

Type 2 Fun: Boulder’s Favorite Pastime Isn’t Just for Climbers

February 17th, 2024
person in orange jacket and blue pants standing on rocky hill during daytime

Have you ever done something that was hard, uncomfortable, or even painful in the moment, but rewarding and satisfying after? If you live in Boulder, you probably have. You might even be that person who wakes up before dawn to engage in some epic all-day (and sometimes all-night) climbing, skiing, running, or cycling adventure. You might also be familiar with the hipster term for this Boulder staple – “type 2 fun,” which refers to an activity that is fun only in retrospect, but hateful (and hurtful) while it’s happening.1 But why do Boulderites love type 2 fun so much, and what are the... Read More

Orchard to Glass: Discovering the Essence of Warm Weather through Oranges and Juice”

February 8th, 2024

                                     Honeybell Oranges                                                          Pic Lenny Lensworth Frieling How many of us as Boulder Mile High dwellers consider oranges? As an artist, orange is very tricky for some of us. As fruit eaters they are pretty easy for everyone. The varieties are staggering and it is an integral part of many breakfasts in the morning and cocktails later in the day. Unless it is the key ingredient in a Mimosa. Honeybell oranges, also known... Read More

Faces of Boulder – Pic of the Day!

January 8th, 2024

“I think when people look at me, the glasses imply I am smart, the messy hair that I am carefree and my clothing shows my inner geek. Still, when people look at me they don’t see the hardship and struggle that life has thrown my way nor the endless effort to improve and reach new heights each day. My earliest memories [were] a blur of new schools, new houses, new places to live- never holding still long enough to plant roots and create a home. When I first moved to Colorado I decided I was done moving and I knew that if I didn’t plant myself I might forever be at the mercy of... Read More

Embracing the Journey: Sending Your 18-Year-Old into the World

August 18th, 2023

I found it hard to write the EmpowerGen article these past couple weeks (Last article here). As I stand on the precipice of one of the most significant rites of passage as a parent, the emotions swirl within me like a tempestuous sea. The moment has arrived to bid farewell to my 18-year-old daughter, Summer, as she spreads her wings and steps into the world. The cliché “they grow up so fast” reverberates through my thoughts with an intensity I could never have fathomed. In this chapter of EmpowerGen, I invite you to join me on this emotional journey, as we explore the profound transition... Read More

There’s never been a better time for tech in Colorado

July 8th, 2020

A growing tech boom is starting to bring some of the biggest companies in the world to Colorado. Think Google, Twitter, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft. The Front Range is experiencing a “tech real estate gold rush.” According to the Colorado Tech Book 2018, “At least 61 tech companies expanded their presence and 22 tech companies opened new offices in the state over the past year, all looking to capitalize on Colorado’s deepening talent pool and inclusive entrepreneurial network.” Colorado tech companies are growing like crazy and are beginning to suck up commercial space. We... Read More