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The Famous Hollywood Movie House in Boulder

October 7th, 2022

The Brenton House, also known as The Mushroom House, was designed by architect Charles Haertling and is located in North Boulder’s Wonderland Hills subdivision. It’s called The Mushroom House because of its unusual shape, but it should be called The Barnacle House because it was inspired by barnacles that Haertling chipped from ship hulls while in the Navy. The house was built above a lake and has breathtaking views of the water, mountains, and downtown Boulder. Woody Allen’s 1973 film “Sleeper” featured the Mushroom House. The National Enquirer called it a “weird... Read More

Denver Premieres International Cannabis & Hemp Film Festival

April 7th, 2018

Prepare for Hollyweed as the Colorado International Cannabis & Hemp Film Festival premieres in Denver! Hosted by Infinite Perimeter, the film fest is a 4 day event during 4/20 week. The festival will be showcasing filmmakers who “promote generally positive messages related to cannabis and hemp.” Starting Tuesday, April 17th, and ending with a final celebratory get together on Friday, April 20th (4/20), this event is one of several cannabis and hemp themed film festivals to be premiered in Colorado. I am excited to be one of the judges reviewing the submissions. There have been over 61 so... Read More