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Dream Canyon. Like Lasa, It’s There If You Can Find It. Boulder’s Best Kept Secret!

February 18th, 2024

We’ve all seen, marveled at, photographed and enjoyed Boulder Falls. On the North side of Boulder Canyon about 3/4 of the way up to Nederland, parking on the left, Falls on the right. But the water at the top must come from somewhere. Where does it come from? The magic of Dream Canyon holds the answer to the mystery. Guarded by hidden dirt roads, a virtually impassable cliff, 800 to 1000 foot canyon walls, and a well kept secret route, isolation continues to be almost a guarantee. There is no safe way that I know of to get up behind Boulder Falls from the Falls side of Boulder Creek. To get... Read More

The Sun on Her Face

June 20th, 2022

In his book Adventures in the Screen Trade, William Goldman famously wrote about the film industry that, “Nobody knows anything.” In large part, that’s true. Everybody knew Mel Gibson would always be one of the biggest movie stars until he wasn’t. Everybody knew the DCEU would be able to compete effectively with the MCU until it couldn’t. For that matter, everybody knows that the MCU remains the eight hundred-pound gorilla until they have a couple of flops. One thing that’s been mostly true for a long time is that if you want to break in, make or write a horror movie. Why not a comedy?... Read More