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1999 Called, They Want Their Movie Back

May 15th, 2016

Good movies possess fearsome power. They can inspire you or piss you off, provide you with the motivation to get up and do something. Even in our age of disposable media, what else has that kind of influence? Consider this. Brokeback Mountain punched through decades of homophobia and, with an aching love story, helped to “normalize” the LGBT experience. Coming at a time of renewed racial tensions, Selma dropped viewers into the midst of the civil rights movement and reminded us that we’re truly doomed to repeat history unless we have the moral strength to overcome it. The... Read More

Alone, Tired And Behind Enemy Lines In ’71

April 5th, 2015

The year 1971 started off badly for the Northern Ireland city of Belfast, when the Irish Republican Army tarred and feathered several men. 3 riots broke out later that month in various neighborhoods in the city. In February, a British soldier had been killed by the IRA and two civilians were killed by British troops. That’s just the beginning of the year, and things would get far worse. French director Yann Demange’s first film, ’71, is set at Ground Zero of the Irish Troubles. It’s a film that’s incredibly self-assured and extremely impressive. It’s also... Read More